If you’ve never had surgery before, let alone liposuction, you’ve probably never heard of compression garments. But since you’re looking up compression garments now, you’re probably about to undergo some kind of surgery. People who have surgery for just about any reason can benefit from compression garments. They’re used by cancer patients as well as people undergoing cosmetic surgery. When you use compression garments after liposuction, you get the benefits of high tech clothing that also feels supportive and protective.

Worth the Work

While compression garments after liposuction are common, and many doctors will recommend them, you may also find that some people complain about using them. Compression garments aren’t that exotic. They’re definitely easier to use than corsets or sports equipment. But because of the compressive nature of the compression material, they can be a bit hard to get into and out of. Compression garments are sometimes like spandex or tights, but much, much less stretchy. After all, they do have to compress the part of the body they’re on.

But the good news is that they really are worth using and once you’ve tried them out, you’ll get better and better at using them. You’ll develop tricks for getting your compression garments on more easily after liposuction, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you get used to them.

What Can a Compression Garment Do after Liposuction?

Compression garments were invented in order to help people post surgery to heal more quickly and avoid the pooling of fluids that inevitably happens. The body attempts to heal and flush out waste products and in the process a lot of liquid can pool in and around areas where liposuction is performed. When you wear compression garments after liposuction, the fluid cannot pool and circulation is improved.

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