No matter what kind of breast surgery you’re preparing for, it’s likely your surgeon has talked to you about breast surgery bras. We don’t think a lot about how our bras are going to work after breast surgery, but of course you won’t be wearing exactly the same bras as you did before the surgery. And it turns out that there are special breast surgery bras that you should be wearing after the surgery, to help your body to heal and recover. These breast surgery bras are supportive but comfortable. They’ll provide compression to areas where you may experience some edema or swelling and they’ll ensure your body is supported while your tissues heal. They can even restrict some motion, which may be damaging to recently operated upon skin and tissues. Breast surgery bras have been designed to keep patients safe after a breast surgery, and they really work well to do just that.

Types of Breast Surgery Bras


Not all breast surgery bras are built the same way, and not all breast surgeries are the same. For women who have had breast surgery for cancer, it’s likely you’ll also want compression sleeves to keep fluids from pooling in the arms. This kind of pooling is common in patients after lymph nodes from the armpit have been removed. Some breast surgery bras are integrated with sleeves, to provide continuous compression over the effected area.

But many breast surgery bras are designed simply to keep the breasts in place after breast augmentation surgery. For women who have decided to have plastic surgery to change the look and size of their breasts, compression bras serve a couple of purposes. First of all, they provide compression to the area, including the upper torso. Second, they’re also going to keep the skin from stretching and the breasts from healing in a shape that you don’t want them to heal in. In other words, breast surgery bras can help you keep that shape you were interested in – the reason for the surgery in the first place.

Talking with Your Doctor About Breast Surgery Bras

Since breast surgery bras are used after surgery and the initial recovery period, it’s possible that your doctor won’t realize you’re interested in wearing one, unless you ask. Ask your doctor if they think you would benefit from a breast surgery bra after your surgery. See if they have any suggestions about how often and when to wear the bra. You may even qualify for a prescription for a breast surgery bra if you’re having the surgery for medical reasons.

Helping You to Get Moving Again

After breast surgery, it will be nice to relax and recover a bit without having any responsibilities. But that can’t last forever, and you’ll probably want to get back to living your life as before. Breast surgery bras can be helpful in keeping you safe once you get back to life, and you’ll feel more confident with a bit of extra protection.

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