What Post-Op Recovery Garments Should You Consider?

What Post-Surgery Recovery Garments Should You Consider?

There are just as many post-surgery recovery garments on the market to consider. Depending on the type of surgery you’re considering, your doctor will recommend recovery garments. Recovery can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

You may not see the final results of your surgery for up to a few months! In this regard, the type of garments, Compression Girdles, Compression Body Shapers, Compression Bras, and arms,  you wear and your diligence in wearing them will directly affect your results.

Explore the benefits of medical-grade compression garments for swift liposuction recovery. Learn about compression techniques in our Liposuction Recovery Tips and find quality recovery garments in our comprehensive guide on Post-Surgery Recovery Garments.

Benefits of Compression Post-Op Garments

Compression is a type of clothing or wrap that is designed to stabilize the area of your body that you had worked on. They target the area by providing a uniform stabilizing comfort while reducing swelling and fluid retention after surgery.

They can also reduce infection and speed up the healing process by improving circulation in that area. Typically, you will need to wear a highly compressive garment in the first 1-2 weeks post-surgery (stage 1). You can wear a less compressive garment in the next 3-5 weeks (stage 2). And maybe even a lightly compressive or supportive garment after 5 weeks (stage 3).

Not all surgeries/procedures take 5+ weeks to heal, some can take up to 6 months to see the full results of the procedure.

Quality of Compression Recovery Garments

You want to choose recovery garments that are high-quality medical-grade compression. Medical compression garments are usually more expensive than your usual shapewear or sports-level compression. Because they are so compressive, they can be difficult to put on at first, but they are designed to be tight.

If you haven’t used compression before it might take a day or two to get used to. They are necessary for your recovery and will soon feel comfortable. Just like you wouldn’t skip on the cost of a surgical procedure, you shouldn’t skimp on recovery garments. They are what help the surgical procedure to “stick” and help your body to take on its new form.

Your doctor will have some recommendations on what types of garments to consider for your recovery, but you can check out our different stages of recovery garments here.

Stage 1 – highest compression

  • Lipo foam
  • Facial compression wrap
  • Body shaper
  • Abdominal binder
  • Surgical bra
  • And more…

Wear products in this category immediately following surgery and for the next 1-2 weeks and are the highest level of compression to provide the most support to your body when it is vulnerable and healing.

Stage 2 – less compression

  • Male vest
  • Body garment
  • Mid-thigh girdle
  • Abdominal binder
  • And more…

Wear products in this category the next 3-5 weeks post-surgery and are usually slightly less compressive (but still supportive) and help the surgery and affected muscles retain their shape while reducing swelling and bruising.

Stage 3 – light compression and scar treatment

  • Arnica gel
  • Scar esthetique scar cream
  • Round gel packs
  • And more…

Products in this category will help your body continue to recover by providing muscular support, helping to heal scars, and helping you return to your regularly scheduled activities.

Remember, your surgeon will recommend a specific recovery plan that you should not deviate from. They will provide regular check-ins where you can give them a status update and alter or continue your recovery plan accordingly. Like you should only consider the best surgeon available to you for your procedure, you should only consider the best recovery garments from ContourMD.

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