Compression garments are helpful for anybody who has recently undergone a surgical procedure. They flatten targeted parts of your body, apply medical-grade pressure, support your muscles, and redistribute your fatty tissue. 

Fajas are some of the most popular undergarments in the market today! So what is a Faja Body Shaper, and why may this be the best product for you? 

Unlock a seamless recovery journey! Discover the benefits of medical-grade compression garments in our latest posts. From BBL kits to Faja Body Shapers, elevate your results and comfort.

Read the full article to learn more about ContourMD Faja’s features and benefits! It will advance your recovery process, allowing extra support, comfort, and security. 

A Brief Intro to Compression Garments

Compression garments are tight pieces of clothing made of nylon, elastin, or a similar high-quality breathable material. So, they are vital for patients who have recently undergone body-shaping surgery. Fajas ease the healing by applying medical-grade pressure on targeted parts of the body. 

The most common types of compression garments for the upper body include girdles, binders, and bras that help quicken recovery from procedures like breast augmentation or reduction, abdominoplasty, tummy tuck, and more. 

What is a Faja Body Shaper? 

ContourMD offers many medical compression body shapers that can aid in a swift and seamless recovery from interventions involving fatty tissue breakdown or elimination, reducing the risks of unwanted side effects and providing extra comfort. 

Faja Body Shaper is among the most popular compression garments, ideal for the early stage of recovery after a Brazilian butt lift (BBL), liposuction, and other body-shaping procedures. Moreover, Fajas are great for day-to-day use. They help boost your health, tighten the body, and highlight its most pleasing aspects. 

These compression girdles come in different forms, sizes, and colors, tailored to suit everyone’s unique needs and recuperation processes. 

Quick Overview of the Best Faja Body Shaper Products

Achieving better results after surgery and keeping them, in the long run, is everyone’s goal. Faja Body Shapers guarantee this and more! 

Choose the products that suit you best according to your needs, objectives, and stage of post-op recovery. 

BBL Fat Transfer Compression Garment

If you’ve recently undergone liposuction, liposculpture, or a BBL, the Faja BBL compression garment is perfect for prompt amelioration and a pleasant, pain-free post-op period.

The fabric is firm but easy to wear, made entirely of breathable lycra, with adjustable shoulder straps and an easy-to-reach front zipper. 

While fajas fully compress the abdominal area, it has an open bust and crotch and a non-compressive panel for the gluteus. 

You can buy this BBL compression garment in black or beige, with sizes from XS to 5XL. 

Post-Op Compression Girdle 

This four-inch waist Faja post-op compression girdle comes in handy after various plastic surgeries, including different abdominal corrective procedures and liposuction. It’s also perfect for postpartum mothers. 

Its first-rate breathable fabric allows a smooth healing process, and its open bust adds extra comfort. 

The Faja mid-tight girdle carries sizes from XXS to XXXL and can be bought in black or beige. These products have adjustable shoulder straps and side zippers for ease of use.

Key Benefits of Wearing Faja Body Shaper

Body-shaping garments took the market by storm thanks to their effectiveness and design. The Faja Body Shaper, is great for everyday needs, bringing long-term advantages or maintaining post-surgical results. Improved posture and blood flow, amazingly appealing looks, and swift recovery are the main perks of Faja’s prime body shapers. 

Improved Posture and Better Blood Flow

Fajas help you keep your shoulders up, supporting and strengthening your back. They help you keep a healthy and attractive posture. You’ll feel its beneficial impact on your shoulders and spine in no time. 

The same goes for blood flow issues, with many doctors recommending compression garments to people with veins prone to stretching and similar medical issues. Faja’s medical-grade pressure eases the symptoms of varicose veins in the same way it reduces swelling in the postoperative period. 

And even if your blood vessels are perfectly healthy, you could still wear a Faja to boost circulation and oxygen flow long-term. 

Attractive Look and Boosted Confidence

Straight back and shoulders up instantly affect your appearance and confidence—and so do a slimmer waist and highlighted curves. The Faja Body Shaper is the perfect garment to spotlight your body’s beauty and uplift your morale – and it’s completely invisible under your clothes!

In terms of Faja’s long-term effects, they’re designed to tighten the body, support the muscles, and redistribute fats, helping you lose weight faster by targeting specific areas. They reduce muscle fatigue during and after a workout, helping you stay inspired and enjoy regular exercise. 

Quick Post-Surgery and Postpartum Relief 

Whether you’ve recently had a BBL, tummy tuck, or liposuction, the Faja Body Shaper will help you heal faster. Apart from aiding in fatty tissue breakdown and redistribution, it reduces swelling, speeding up recovery. More importantly, it helps you feel secure. 

If you gave birth recently, wearing a Faja can make a huge difference, easing the pressure on your body caused by the bearing and labor. They can also help the ladies get back into shape and return to their pre-pregnancy figure. 

Doctors recommend these compression garments to women who have just given birth to enhance their ability to move and posture and minimize bleeding. 

Wapping Up This Compression Garment Guide

Compression garments are certain for everyone who has experienced plastic surgery. Whether it was a recent procedure or you’ve surpassed the second stage of recovery, a high-quality piece of medical-grade pressure garment will come in handy.

Getting a Faja Body Shaper could be the best choice since these garments have numerous positive effects on your health and physical appearance. They’re perfect for fast healing after a BBL, breast augmentation, or liposuction. Finally, Fajas work miracles in the postpartum period, reducing swelling and increasing mobility. 

Enhance post-surgical recovery with our guide on the benefits of medical-grade compression garments. Pair it with ContourMD’s Mid-Calf Body Compression Garment for second-stage healing. Read more on Faja Body Shapers and explore the perfect blend of comfort and support.

Grab your Faja Body Shaper and bounce right back onto your feet, feeling healthier and more beautiful than ever. 

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