Wearing Daily Shapewear After Gastric Bypass

shapewear for daily wear after gastric bypass

ContourMD® Shapewear for daily wear after gastric bypass helps you feel comfortable & confident.

Wearing Daily Shapewear After Gastric Bypass

What’s the deal with Shapewear, and how can it help me look thinner?

After undergoing a gastric bypass procedure, many people can’t remove the excess skin right away but don’t worry! Some solutions can help in this situation. If you decide not to remove the excess skin right away, it is essential to wear compression garments or Shapewear. Compression garments and Shapewear help keep the loose skin tucked against you comfortably to prevent chaffing and irritation.

These garments can help in more ways than just aesthetics, though.

Some of the benefits of wearing shapewear compression garments after gastric bypass procedures include:

  • It helps smooth the look of loose skin while keeping it from causing pain due to its weight
  • To further shape and reduce your waistline
  • Improve posture while providing back support, which your body will require after surgery

You will want to confirm with your surgeon when you can begin wearing ContourMD® compression garments and Shapewear after your gastric bypass surgery. Everyone’s recovery schedule is different, and it’s essential to be aware of your options and the benefits of shapewear/compression gear post-surgery.

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Understanding Compression Garments

Ask your surgeon if you are curious about whether compression and Shapewear are safe. Compression can be a beneficial recovery tool after your surgery. The recovery garments help:

  • Reduce bruising and swelling
  • Improve/maintain your new figure
  • Reduce the appearance of scars in the long term

Compression garments are not just about aesthetics; they are integral to the healing process. These specially designed garments apply controlled pressure to the body, promoting circulation and reducing swelling. This pressure also helps in shaping and supporting the newly contoured body, providing stability and comfort during the recovery phase.

Why Plastic Surgery Recovery Matters After Gastric Bypass

Plastic surgery, whether it’s a gastric bypass or other procedures, often leaves individuals with loose skin. While this is a natural part of the body’s response to significant weight loss or alteration, managing it properly is essential. Compression garments are designed to address various aspects of post-operative care, from comfort to healing.

Patients often find compression or Shapewear very comfortable once they get used to it, and it provides stability and uniform compression that helps with circulation and “keeping everything in place.” Shapewear for loose skin is not only comfortable; you practically forget about it once you start wearing it regularly. It can also help you feel more secure in your new body, as it helps to keep things looking smooth and under control.

Why do I need to wear Shapewear after gastric bypass surgery?

As a clothing category, Shapewear has continued to evolve over the years. Shapewear encompasses a valuable host of garments to help reduce sagging while improving the skin’s elasticity.

In addition to post-gastric bypass surgery, people wear Shapewear for various reasons. Shapewear can be used:

  • Post-pregnancy
  • In the gym
  • Later after other surgeries
  • Under “fancy clothing” to look suitable for special events
  • Daily accessory to help accentuate your natural curves.

The Healing Process and Circulation

Shapewear helps stimulate heat and blood flow/circulation to the affected area, which improves healing and the look/elasticity of the skin in that area. Compression garments aid in improving blood flow to the affected areas, facilitating the delivery of oxygen and nutrients while removing waste products. This enhanced circulation not only accelerates healing but also helps in minimizing the risk of complications such as blood clots.

Benefits of Compression Garments in Plastic Surgery Recovery

Compression garments offer a myriad of benefits post-plastic surgery:

  • They provide support to the surgical site, reducing discomfort and promoting proper healing.
  • Compression helps in reducing swelling and bruising, allowing for a smoother recovery process.
  • Improved circulation contributes to tissue regeneration and minimizes the risk of complications.
  • Compression garments aid in maintaining the desired shape and contour achieved through surgery.

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Choosing and Wearing the Right Daily Compression Garments and Shapewear After Gastric Bypass

When selecting compression garments or shapewear for post-plastic surgery recovery, it’s essential to consider factors sucha as fit, material, and design. Garments should provide adequate compression without causing discomfort or restricting movement. Additionally, opting for high-quality garments, like those offered by ContourMD, ensures durability and optimal support throughout the recovery journey.

At ContourMD®, we pride ourselves in creating some of the highest quality (affordable!) shapewear in the USA. We have been designing and producing our Shapewear here in America for over 30 years. We believe that there is “nothing accidental about quality” at ContourM®.

Our products are durable and all custom-fitted (so make sure your measurements are accurate!). As a result, we are ideal for daily wear. We recommend buying at least two of your favorite shapewear accessories to continue wearing one. At the same time, the other is being washed/dried (always air dry your Shapewear!).

Are you sold on Shapewear yet?

You can take a look at some of our favorites here & see how they can enhance your daily wardrobe:

Women’s High Back Mid-Thigh Pull-On Body Garment – This slip-on mid-thigh girdle with suspenders of the highest quality Lycra fabric provides a highly compressive yet comfortable compression garment. This after-surgery garment comes standard with an open crotch, adjustable, removable straps, an open bust, and a reinforced abdominal area. The design of the slip-on mid-thigh compression girdle accommodates your range of mobility daily while still providing comfortable support.

Women’s Slip-On Panty Girdle, Closed Crotch – High-quality Lycra fabric provides uniform support and compression after your gastric bypass procedure. We have reinforced the abdominal panel to ensure proper compression without sacrificing your comfort. This slip-on panty girdle offers a beautiful classic look while providing all the support you need.

Women’s Brief Body Shaper Without Zippers – This garment provides a firm and comfortable compression from 55% soft-knitted Lycra Spandex. The material is gentle against the skin and ideal for wearing as a shaper under your “regular” clothes. This garment is ideal for underdresses, jumpers, or a professional skirt/shirt combo, providing compression from the hips, thighs, breast, and abdominal area. This shaper hugs your new frame and provides a pretty lace pattern across the bra top if you want to use it as an undershirt.

Men’s PowerNet Vest – This soft-knitted 55% Lycra Spandex material delivers maximum compression and “smooth factor.” This vest is double-reinforced on the front panel and has adjustable shoulder straps so you can enjoy a customized fit.

Mid-Thigh Male Compression Brief – This brief helps with a smooth recovery while providing optimal comfort and uniform compression. The 4-inch waistband and reinforced panel over the hips are ideal for wear under gym clothing.

FAQs: Addressing Common Concerns

Should I Wear Compression Garments After Gastric Bypass?

While opinions may vary, compression garments have been shown to offer benefits in aiding recovery post-gastric bypass surgery. They can help in reducing swelling and providing support to the abdominal area, contributing to a smoother healing process.

Can Compression Garments Minimize Loose Skin?

While compression garments cannot eliminate loose skin entirely, they can help in managing it more effectively. By providing consistent pressure, these garments contribute to skin retraction and promote a more contoured appearance over time.

How Do Compression Garments Improve Circulation?

Compression garments exert pressure on the body, which aids in the movement of blood through the veins and arteries. This enhanced circulation ensures adequate oxygen and nutrient supply to the tissues, facilitating healing and reducing the risk of complications.

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Plastic surgery recovery is a journey that requires careful attention and support. Compression garments serve as invaluable tools in this journey, offering comfort, support, and enhanced healing. By understanding their role and incorporating them into your post-operative care routine, you can achieve a smoother and more fulfilling recovery experience.

Are you ready to optimize your plastic surgery recovery with compression garments? Explore ContourMD®’s range of high-quality compression garments today and take the first step towards a confident and comfortable recovery journey!

Have questions? We are always only a phone call away & our team is always happy to help.

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