The science of compression

The science behind compression fabric. Of course, our high-quality medical-grade compression with antimicrobial protection is designed to help you recover in comfort and safety!

Wrap Knit Compression Fabric

It’s not just fabric, it’s also our competitive edge

Knits of course contain one or more yarns that loop into vertical and horizontal connected stitches. So to make warp knits, multiple parallel yarns are simultaneously looped vertically to form fabrics that deliver consistent medical-grade compression, stability, and strength.

Benefits of Wrap Knit Compression Fabric

There are many benefits to using wrap knits when designing compression fabric to list some: 

  • Ability to engineer performance and physical characteristics
  • Hundreds of versatile base fabrics that we can customize as needed
  • Breathability, uniformity and widths up to 120”
  • Compatible with our proprietary chemistry and processes
Science behind Compression Wrap Knit Fabric

Consistent and Targeted Post-Op Compression

In the long run, ContourMD’s wrap knit fabric is scientifically proven to provide targeted consistent, healing compression during recovery. Overall, our compression garments can help:

  • Improve the overall appearance of skin and results
  • Promote the natural healing process by improving circulation to the lymphatic system
  • Aid the healing process by reducing swelling, bruising, and pain
  • Protect the incision sites
  • Provide support and comfort during recovery
  • Help promote smooth and taut skin after surgery

ActiveSeam Stitching

Of course, every stitch counts.

As important as the type of fabric is to the science of compression, the type of stitching used is also just as important. Our garments are all sewed using ActiveSeam by Merrow. Because this special seam is 30% stronger than other seams and it also offers 2x more stretch.

When compared to a 6-thread Flatlock seam with identical thread, fabric, and SPI, our ActiveSeam 2 & 3-thread seams proved to be more than 30% stronger and furthermore, it also had the ability to stretch 100% further.

Comfortable Compression

ActiveSeam is tougher and will last longer than alternatives. Because it has more than twice the stretch
built into the seam, garments designed with ActiveSeam will fit the body better. Another benefit of Activeseam is that it will not restrict movement.

ActiveSeam Science behind Compression Leggings


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