Christmas parties are a joy that we wait for from one year to another. They’re a perfect chance to enjoy the company of friends and family and flaunt our best looks. If you relate and can’t afford to look anything less than your best this Christmas season, then you need to get yourself the perfect shapewear.

Shapewear makes women comfortable in their skin and boosts their confidence. Not to mention, it allows them to indulge in holiday desserts without feeling guilty. And the creme de la creme? Most shapewear products are budget-friendly, so you don’t even need to break the bank to look your best.

If you’re ready to get your game on this season, here’s our compilation of the best shapewear for holiday parties and special occasions!

1. Mid-Thigh Body Shaper Slit Crotch

No matter your body type, Contour’s Mid-Thigh Body Shaper will mold your body into a V-shape or hourglass—the kind of body that any woman would die for. It’s one of the best holiday shapewear for women on our list. Top it off with a gorgeous dress, and there’s no doubt you’d be turning heads on every occasion.

This body shaper provides maximum comfort thanks to its adjustable shoulder straps, reinforced abdominal section, and front padded zipper closure. And in terms of compression, it compresses the upper and lower torso, abdominal area, thighs, and hips in a way that doesn’t feel constricted.

While you can pair this shapewear with any piece, a fitted dress will perfectly emphasize your curves. Pair it with a pair of boots, and enjoy the holiday season!

Panty Girdle 4-inch waistband

2. Abdominal Panty Girdle 4-Inch High Waist Closed Crotch

Contour’s Abdominal Panty Girdle is the best tummy control shapewear on our list, so if you’re one with a lot of belly fat, you should consider getting it. It goes without saying that this is one item you need for a confidence boost, especially if you like to wear tight dresses.

This piece is particularly ideal for women undergoing postpartum recovery since the girdle has been designed to hold the stomach together. We know it’s usually a hassle for new mothers to get back in shape, and thankfully, this tummy shapewear is here to save the day. 

The abdominal girdle locks your tummy, giving it a flat appearance, almost like you’ve been working out. Pair this beauty with slim-fit jeans, a lovely top, and heels, and you can guess who’d be a showstopper at the next event!

Mid-Calf Compression Girdle 2-inch band

3. Mid-Calf Shapewear Girdle 2-Inch Waist Open Crotch

A recovery tool that doubles as a fashion item, Contour’s Mid-Calf Girdle is just what you need if your focus is on your sides, thighs, and abdomen. With comfort as its central theme, you can go about your daily activities and enjoy yourself on any special occasion without feeling uncomfortable in the slightest bit.

This girdle comes with a soft, elastic waistband that’s firm and free at the same time. It’ll hold your tummy together while allowing you to eat what you want without feeling like you’re stretching yourself too thin.

And since this piece also molds the thigh, you need to wear something that’ll draw attention to your hips and thighs. Consider a pair of jeans or a tight-fitted dress.

4. Compression Body Shapewear With Bra Top Closed Crotch

This is a holiday shapewear bodysuit for women of all sizes and shapes, and as the name implies, it has all it takes to compress every part of your upper body. This includes your tummy, back, bust, hips, and waist. You might as well call it the perfect elixir for a flattering figure!

It’s also ideal that this shaper comes with a bra top, so you can do away with a bra when you’re dressing up for your event. On top of that, it features wide shoulder straps and a V-neck that ensure the fabric doesn’t dig into your skin.

And the material is thin, so no one can guess the secret behind your sexy figure. They might just think that you’ve been taking your gym sessions seriously. All in all, Contour’s Compression Body Shaper is the best shapewear for tummy and waist on our list and can be worn with anything, be it a dress or skirt.

Slip On Ankle Girdle Closed Crotch by ContourMD - Style 15

5. Slip-on Ankle Girdle Closed Crotch Shapewear

Like other shapewear on this list, the Slip-on Ankle Girdle provides optimum support to the body. Putting this on will help keep the lower part of your body firm, i.e., the tummy, thighs, buttocks, and legs.

As the name implies, this girdle has no zipper, so you need to slip it on. This means you don’t have to deal with any obstruction, as zippers can sometimes be a hassle when worn underneath clothes. You simply have to pull it up your body, and you’re good to go.

Being ankle length, you can always throw on a dress shirt and slay all the way. The material is available in mid-thigh and mid-calf options, and you can style accordingly.

Wear Shapewear and Enjoy Your Holiday!

Nothing should stop you from having fun this season, and certainly not your figure. Contour’s shapewear provides you with the best girdles and compressors that’ll give you a flattering shape and boost your confidence. So get ready to turn heads at any party you go to and have other ladies ask you about the secret behind your well-toned body!

You can get any shapewear of your choice here. Happy holidays!

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