What is a surgical girdle?

In general, a surgical or compression girdle is a form of supportive recovery garment that is worn to improve circulation/blood flow; reduce bruising and swelling; and reduce scarring while improving recovery. A surgical girdle is typically recommended for patients recovering from abdominal or midsection surgeries including (but not limited to) liposuction of the butt, abdomen, flanks, hips, or thighs, a Brazilian butt lift, tummy tuck, lipoplasty, or thigh lift. That may seem like a long list, but surgical girdles are very useful and multipurpose garments! A surgical girdle is recommended during the healing stage as plastic surgeons agree, wearing compression garments after surgery can improve healing time and aid in producing more desirable results of the procedure.


Different Types of Surgical Girdles

There are a number of types of surgical girdles to consider, depending on the type of procedure you’re undergoing. They can go from your waist to your ankles, or they can be short (only extending to your lower thighs). And while the bottoms of girdles can vary significantly depending on the procedure, they’ll almost always be high waisted (ending just below the breasts) to provide support to your abdominal muscles. You can shop for girdles by stage 1 (most compression), stage 2 (less compression), or stage 3 (least compression), or by surgical procedure, as there will be different lengths/styles recommended to you by your surgeon. They range in price anywhere from $70 dollars to $175, depending on length and level of compression. It is always recommended to have at least 2 girdles for each stage of recovery, since the garment is meant to be worn continuously. So by having 2 of each product you are able to wash your girdle while adhering to the schedule for optimal recovery. Even taking just an hour or two off for washing the garment is not recommended. Depending on your needs there are girdles with different lengths, different closures (zipper or surgical, with no closures), and open crotch surgical girdles, as well. Your doctor will advise which products will be best for your needs and how often to wear them.


Getting the Proper Advice for Surgical Girdles

Depending on the procedure, your doctor will recommend a specific recovery plan, including which garments to consider and when/how often to wear them. For abdominal surgeries like tummy tucks, liposuction, or hysterectomy, you will need a girdle that covers the abdomen, like the Mid Thigh Underbust Pull On Body Garment. If you need more support, something like the Mid Calf Body Garment Pull On Slit Crotch might be more effective. You can go through these options with your doctor and they will be able to advise you on which girdle would be most appropriate for your needs, depending on the procedure you are undergoing.


Surgical Girdles Overview

Overall, you’ll want to discuss this first and foremost with your doctor/surgeon since they know exactly what is involved with the procedure and the recovery. Even if it is not 100% necessary that you wear a girdle, or you are in the later stages of recovery, you may find it more comfortable and secure to do so, which is completely fine! Just double check with your doctor before purchasing, to ensure you’re getting the right level of compression.

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