Surgery binders, or belly binders, are used after surgery on the lower part of the abdomen. There are many reasons why a surgery binder can be helpful, and there are any procedures after which a surgery binder can help with healing and comfort. Below are the primary reasons that individuals use an abdominal surgery binder.

Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty

For women or men who have undergone abdominoplasty, having a surgery binder on while you heal can be a comfort and a big help. Surgery binders provide support and encourage your body and internal organs to heal in the position you want them to after liposuction to the lower torso. They are also thought to aid in proper circulation, so you may heal more quickly and keep your torso more stable, reducing risk of injury or slowed healing.


Women who have had their uterus removed are often comforted by the support of a surgical binder. While there is no requirement that women wear surgery binders after a hysterectomy, it can help to keep your torso stable and remind you to stay cautious after surgery.

Hernia or Back Surgery

If you have any kind of lower back surgery, a surgery binder can help hold your torso in place after the braces come off. They can also help to support your back and reduce risk of hernia.

Benefits of Surgery Binders

There are other surgeries that can be performed on the lower abdomen which cause the abdomen to sag or stretch. Compression surgery binders keep your abdomen tight and contained, and help patients to avoid any movement that may move stitches, causing pain and discomfort. They are also flexible and allow the doctor to view the stitches, staples, or scar and ensure that healing is progressing properly.

Surgery binders come in a number of sizes and can be purchased for particular uses. Most are sized to fit over the lower abdomen, from the hips to just below the chest. But others are designed specifically to bind the breasts after breast augmentation surgery. There are also taller surgery binders that go down even farther, below the hips, to keep the body even more stationary.

Most surgery binders are designed to be worn next to the skin, under clothing, and are not visible or noticeable at all. However, they will keep your tummy and waistline tight during recovery, putting a bit of pressure where you need it but staying flexible so you are not uncomfortable wearing the surgery binder.

Not Sure What Kind to Buy?

If you’re unsure what type of surgery binder will be best for you, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor about the brands or styles that they recommend. It’s likely that they will understand if you will feel more comfortable wearing a surgery binder after your surgery, and they will probably have a recommended brand that you can feel confident about purchasing. Most brands are made of high quality, flexible materials and you’ll find that they are all comforting and comfortable.

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