Will you need surgical garments?

If you are planning for liposuction, you have probably heard that there are special garments that people wear after lipo. These are often called surgical garments, compression binders, or surgical girdles. The process of healing, and the correct healing, after a surgery like lipo can be helped if you find the right kind of garment to wear after lipo. Here are some of the most popular options and types to consider in the market of garments after lipo.

Compression or Surgical Girdles

A surgical girdle is a specific kind of post-op garment that is worn by people after lipo. No matter how good your doctor is, you’ll still need to go through a period of healing and recuperation when you arrive home after your lipo procedure. One of the major concerns is that the skin will be stretched and that your body will not heal in the shape that you want it to. Compression garments after lipo help to hold your skin, organs, and tissues in place so that they heal together in a way that looks great. And since the whole idea behind getting lipo is to look great, this can be an important part of the process.

Girdles are like leggings, shorts, or body suits that are made of special materials which put an appropriate amount of pressure on your body. They can keep the abdomen flat and the thighs and buttocks tight in a way that is flattering and also comfortable. Many people find that a compression garment after lipo is also very comforting because this garment for after lipo helps hold together stitches and helps you to heal cleanly.

Abdominal Binders

Another popular type of garment worn after lipo is the abdominal binder. Abdominal binders work in a similar way to girdles and compression garments after lipo, but they are only meant to cover the lower abdomen. This is a garment after lipo that is really easy to remove and put back on, which makes it very convenient, especially if you have reduced flexibility due to the liposuction. They provide the same kind of compression and support as other surgical garments after lipo, but they only cover the lower abdomen.

How do Surgical Garments Help?

The majority of surgical garments for after lipo are designed to provide support, compression, and comfort. The support helps keep your body looking the way you want it to, supporting tissues that are recovering from the liposuction. Compression aids in healing and increases circulation so that fluids do not pool and distort your new body. And after surgery and liposuction, having a garment that is so supportive can be a great comfort. You can rest easy, knowing that you are doing everything you can to help the recovery happen smoothly and as well as it can. Garments after lipo are a great way to keep yourself healthy and comfortable during recovery. Then when you emerge from the garments after lipo, you’ll look like a brand new you!

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