Guide to Silicone Scar Sheets for Breasts

A Silicone Scar Sheets for Breasts guide can help patients understand the importance of this product after surgery or injury.

One of the biggest fears of anyone who has had surgery is that they will have an unattractive scar on their skin afterward. Fortunately, there are silicone scar sheets for breasts for women who have had any surgery involving the breast. Silicone scar sheets are completely unnoticeable. The benefits are numerous, and the risks and downside are zero.

Why Silicone Sheets?

Patients can use silicone scar sheets in numerous ways to help heal, reduce, or even allow patients to avoid scarring altogether. The silicone is soft and coated to protect the skin, and help the scar heal completely. Individuals with scars after a surgery or injury use silicone for post-surgical recoveries

What are Scar Sheets for Breasts Like?

Silicone scar sheets for breasts come in strips or pieces. Individual pieces can be small rings designed for use just around the areola. During a breast augmentation, scarring can occur if the areola was moved. They also come in curved stripes that fit below the breast line, which is usually where the incision is made.

There are also complete kits that include both an areola ring and a breast form and anchor and a line of silicone scar sheets for any incisions that go directly down from the areola toward the breast base. The breast base is the typical incision for vertical mastopexy or vertical breast lift surgery.

How do Silicone Sheets for Breasts Work?

The design and function of silicone scar sheets for breasts are relatively simple. Place an adhesive silicone scar sheet strip over the incision and where scarring may occur. Alternatively, you can use silicone scar sheets for breasts with old scars, and applying silicone can reduce them with the help of the silicone scar sheet.

Other types of blemishes that scar can treat with silicone scar sheets for breasts include:

  • Keloid
  • Hypertrophic
  • Trauma
  • Burns
  • Injuries

Silicone scar sheets for breasts are flexible, soft, washable, and breathable. These products reduce the appearance, color, size, thickness, and elevation of old scars, and they can help prevent new blemishes from forming after surgery.

There are many types of Breast Augmentation surgery:

  • breast reduction
  • breast implants
  • vertical breast lift surgery
  • breast reconstruction after mastectomy

Scar sheets for breasts can help you heal cleanly and beautifully with minimal scarring. You won’t even realize that you’re wearing silicone scar sheets for breasts because they are light, soft, and comfortable. With no downsides and plenty of benefits, you can see why so many women use silicone scar sheets for their breasts after breast augmentation surgery.

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