Compression with Compassion


What is a Shapewear Garment?

Shapewear is a type of compression garment that can be worn by both patients after surgery and those who are simply looking for a comfortable, easy-to-wear product that improves their natural shape and contour.

Shapewear does not have the same medical compression capabilities as, say, Stage I or Stage II garments. However, Shapewear can be a long-term solution for those who have received some sort of cosmetic surgery and are looking to maintain and emphasize their results long after the healing process is complete.




ContourMD® products are specifically tailored to minimize recovery time, while maximizing your results.

✓ Improve Blood Circulation

✓ Manage and Reduce Fluids

✓ Optimize and Decrease Recovery Time

✓ Less Pain and Discomfort During Healing Process

✓ Reduce Swelling and Bruising

✓ Shape and Contour Your Results

Why Do I Need a Shapewear Garment?

Wearing a compression garment is an essential part on your road to a speedy recovery.

Shapewear garments can be worn indefinitely after Stage I and Stage II compression garments after surgery. Many patients aren’t ready to end the garment process, so they choose to wear a “Stage III” or Shapewear garment for comfort and to optimize their results.

Wearing Shapewear is about maintaining an overall desired look and feel and are mainly worn by patients who want to manage any excess skin they have as a result of significant weight loss, as well as to truly display their new figure and to fit into more manageable/accessible clothing sizes.