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Style 620A Semi-Shape Compression Bra with Adjustable Strap

Style 620A – Semi-Shape Bra w/ Adjustable Strap by Contour




Style 620A Contour
First Stage Semi Shape Compression Bra adjustable Strap

Contour’s Semi Shape Bra Adjustable Strap addresses your first stage
cosmetic surgery needs because the healing process at this time
requires full compression. Turn to Contour because we have been
producing compression garments for over 30 years with your comfort in
mind. Our customer service team will answer all of your
questions and concerns.

Semi Shape Bra Adjustable Straps Provides Comfort:

* Stretch Lycra Spandex provides maximum compression through seamless

* Conforms to your breast softly

* Hook-and-eye front closure

* Adjustable  shoulder straps so that you control your level
of comfort and fit to suit your body

* Fits B/C cup

Semi Shape Bra with Adjustable Straps Provides Beauty:

* Seamless so smooth appearance underneath clothing making you look

* Shapely and comfortable enough for everyday wear

It is suggested that you purchase an additional bra for in-between

Suggested Usage:

*  Breast lift

* Breast augmentation

* Breast reduction and breast reconstruction

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