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Compression Vest by Contour - Style 6

Style 6 – Compression Vest by Contour




Style 6 First Stage Compression Vest

Compression Vest is intended for your first stage of cosmetic surgery
recovery because immediately following surgery, you will need maximum
support. Rely on Contour because we have been designing compression
garments for over 30 years and we possess the latest technology. We
consult with cosmetic surgeons so that you will have a successful
healing experience.

Compression Vest Provides Comfort:

* Soft Lycra material provides maximum first stage compression, gently
* Reinforced front panel for full support
* Front zipper closure for ease of fit
* Velcro adjustable Shoulder so that you are in control of your comfort
* Increases circulation and reduces swelling

Compression Vest Provides Beauty:

* Contours to your shape and gives you a smooth appearance
* Stylish color of classy black

First sage recovery requires 24/7 wear, so it is recommended that you
purchase an additional vest for in-between washings.

Suggested Usage:

* Breast augmentation
* Mastectomy
* breast reduction
* Breast reconstruction

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