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Armsleeve Three Quarter Length with Elastic Band - Style 55

Style 55 – Armsleeve with Elastic Band by Contour




55 Contour
First Stage Compression Three Quarter Length Arm sleeve with Elastic Band

Contour’s Compression Armsleeve was designed
for your first stage of post cosmetic surgical recovery and is to be
worn immediately following your arm lift surgery. When your surgeon
instructs you to wear your armsleeve continuously, rest
assured  that Contour’s compression garments are intended to
be comfortable, all day and all night. We  have been providing
compression garments for over 30 years, cut and sewn in the
USA,  so you can trust our customer service team to assist you
with your needs.

Compression Armsleeve Provides Comfortable Compression:

* Made of 55% Lycra Spandex material, which delivers maximum
compression to the arms, comfortably

* Elastic strap or band  for stabilization

* Increases circulation and reduces swelling

* Molds your arms properly

* Perfect for post weight loss surgery because sleeve contours the so
called “bat wings”

Because you must wear arms sleeves continuously, it is recommended that
you purchase an additional sleeve for in between washes.

FREE SHIPPING with purchases over $150

Liposuction of the arms, after brachioplasty surgery, arm lift surgery,
bat wing surgery.

Suggested Usage:

* Liposuction of the arms
* Post brachioplasty surgery
* Arm lift surgery
* Bat wing surgery

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