Fat Transfer Garment W/Side Zippers by Contour – Style 50Z


Style 50Z Fat Transfer Garment W/Side Zippers by Contour

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“We want to ensure that your garment is in tip-top shape when you receive it. Simply, remove the extra Velcro strip and adhere directly to the fabric.”

Fat Transfer Garment w/ Side Zippers by ContourMD – Style 50Z

Are you seeking the perfect post-operative companion for your BBL, Butt Lift, Liposuction, or Fat Transfer procedure?

Look no further than the Fat Transfer Garment with Side Zippers – ContourMD Style 50Z.

This carefully crafted garment is your ticket to a smoother, faster recovery and enhanced results.

Exceptional Healing Benefits

Our medical-grade garment is tailored to enhance your fat transfer experience by offering targeted compression in the right places.

Moreover, it ensures that your skin remains flawlessly contoured in areas where fat has been removed, providing optimal support post-surgery.

Medical Professional Backing

Medical professionals who understand the importance of post-operative attire endorse Style 50Z, so you can rest easy.

Furthermore, it’s designed to accelerate healing, reduce swelling and bruising, and minimize discomfort.

Unmatched Comfort

Made from latex-free elastic material, this garment embraces your body with unparalleled comfort.

Additionally, it won’t bind or irritate your skin, allowing you to focus on your recovery with peace of mind.

Unique Features

Style 50Z stands out from the competition with its unique features:

  1. Enhanced Design: The buttock area is covered with ultra-soft nylon stretch fabric, ensuring optimal support without excessive compression.
  2. Convenient Closure: Effortlessly put on and remove with hook-and-eye closures on the shoulder.
  3. Targeted Compression: Compression panels on the outer and inner thighs promote a sculpted appearance.
  4. Integrated Binder: The attached binder prevents fluid pocketing and offers lower back compression.

Handcrafted Quality

At ContourMD, quality is paramount. We hand-stitch each garment in our Lenexa, KS warehouse, guaranteeing meticulous craftsmanship and superior attention to detail.

Versatile Usage

Style 50Z is suitable for a range of procedures, including BBL, Butt Lift, Booty Implants, Liposuction, and Fat Transfer.

It’s your ultimate ally in achieving the results you desire.

BBL Pillow – The Perfect Companion

Pair your Fat Transfer Garment with our BBL Pillow for ultimate comfort and protection.

This unique design ensures a faster, bruise-free recovery, making it superior to other seat cushion pillows on the market.

It supports your newly inserted fat cells or implants while you sit, enhancing your overall comfort.

Care and Maintenance

To maintain your garment’s compressive ability, we recommend Variance, our trusted cleansing solution for compression and support garments.

It is also advised to have an extra garment on hand to ensure 24/7 wear while cleaning the other.

Accelerate Healing with Lipo Foam Recovery after Liposuction

Lipo Foam Recovery is crucial for enhancing the healing process and optimizing results following liposuction procedures.

Active compression and support provided by these innovative products aid in reducing post-operative swelling, bruising, and discomfort.

The key benefits of Lipo Foam Recovery include improved circulation, even pressure distribution, and minimized risk of complications.

As experts in post-liposuction care, we offer a range of Lipo Foam Recovery products that come in one, two, and three sheets as well as 10′ rolls for doctors that cater to diverse needs and body areas.

Embrace the effectiveness of Lipo Foam Recovery and unlock your body’s potential for a smooth, speedy recovery.

Looking for other BBL garments and recovery supplies? Explore these options:

  1. Style 34FHE – This BBL Fat Transfer Compression Garment offers essential support during the initial stage of recovery after liposuction or a BBL, featuring a convenient front zipper.
  2. Style 34FZ – BBL Fat Transfer Compression Garment | Faja, Colombian Shapewear with Front Zipper provides the support you need during your early recovery from liposuction or a BBL.
  3. Style 34HEB – For effective recovery after liposuction or a BBL, consider Style 34HEB. Our compression garment with a front zipper and binder ensures comfort and support. Rely on ContourMD’s expertise, with four decades of experience in compression garment design in the U.S.
  4. Style 51Z – Fat Transfer Garment Mid Thigh Side Zippers with Binder.
  5. Lumbar Post-Op BBL Board – Helps reduce swelling, provides support, helps the skin adhere to the underlying muscle, and helps to get the desired arch shape. So comfortable, you won’t even notice it’s there.
  6. Post-Surgical Abdominal Recovery Board. Use our comfortable recovery boards daily for a fast recovery, reduced skin irritation, rashes, and post-operative bruising after liposuction and abdominal surgery.

Elevate your recovery journey with the life-changing power of the Fat Transfer Garment with Side Zippers – ContourMD Style 50Z.

Experience enhanced results, reduce discomfort, and step into a more confident you.

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