Zippered Sport Bra by Contour – Style 40


Whether a breast augmentation, reduction, reconstruction or breast lift surgery, the Zippered Sports Bra by ContourMD helps you get optimal results.

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“We want to ensure that your garment is in tip-top shape when you receive it. Simply, remove the extra Velcro strip and adhere directly to the fabric.”

Introducing the Zippered Sport Bra by Contour – Style 40

Welcome to ContourMD’s Style 40 – Zippered Sports Compression Bra, the ultimate solution for post-op comfort and support after breast surgery.

This innovative compression bra is carefully designed to ensure optimal results and a seamless recovery experience for individuals undergoing breast augmentation, reduction, reconstruction, or breast lift surgery.

Compression Bra Support and Comfort in One Package:

Our Zippered Sports Compression Bra excels in delivering both superior compression and unmatched comfort.

Additionally, the front zipper design allows for easy wear, eliminating the struggle of putting on a traditional bra post-surgery.

No more discomfort or awkward movements – just effortless relief.

Unmatched Compression Bra Features for Your Comfort:

With wide shoulder straps, this bra takes comfort to a whole new level.

You’ll experience reduced pressure on your shoulders, enhancing your overall comfort during the recovery process.

The racerback style provides additional support, ensuring that you feel secure and stable throughout the day.

Tailored for Your Fit:

ContourMD’s Style 40 Compression Bra is specifically crafted to fit B/C cup sizes perfectly.

Equally important, this tailored fit ensures that you receive the right amount of compression and support, enhancing your post-op experience.

Suggested Usage Post-Breast Surgery:

Our Zippered Sports Compression Bra is your ideal companion for a variety of breast surgeries, including:

It’s a versatile garment that adapts to your specific needs, providing the support you require during your recovery journey.

Compression Garments Longevity and Care:

At ContourMD, we understand the importance of durability. To extend the life of your compression garments, we recommend cleaning them with Variance Garment Care.

Furthermore, this simple step helps maintain the integrity of your bra, ensuring it remains a valuable part of your post-surgical recovery.

If You Haven’t Found The Right Sports Bra, Consider These Options:

For everyday comfort post-surgery, check out Style 627. It’s a cup bra with a hook and eye front and back closure. This option is ideal for various breast procedures like augmentation, reconstruction, reduction, mastectomy, lifts, or mastoplexy.

Alternatively, Style 42 is a sports bra with molded cups. This post-surgical bra boasts molded cups, a convenient front zipper, and a racerback design. Doctors recommend it for a smooth recovery following any breast procedure. The Style 42 compression bra not only ensures your comfort but also helps stabilize implants for a more even and natural look as your body heals.

Opt for the Contour Surgical Vest with Cups, latex-free, helping manage post-operative edema, minimizing hematoma formation, and supporting breast/chest tissue. It’s ideal for holding surgical implants in place, with options for cups or without.


ContourMD’s Style 40 – Zippered Sports Compression Bra is the ultimate choice for anyone seeking the perfect balance of compression, support, and comfort during their post-op recovery.

Lastly, with its easy-to-use front zipper, wide shoulder straps, and racerback style, this latex-free, breathable bra is tailored for B/C cup sizes and recommended for various breast surgeries.

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