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Style 39 - Mid Calf Underbust Pull On Slit Crotch by Contour

39 – Mid Calf Underbust Pull On




Style 39 – Mid Calf Underbust Pull On Body Garment Slit Crotch by Contour

For after surgery recovery, Contour’s Mid Calf Under bust garment helps you recovery faster from liposuction of the thighs, hips, abdomen and upper and lower torso.

Contour’s Style 39 the Mid Calf Under Bust garment is a compression bodyshaper specifically designed for liposculpture, liposuction or smart lipo of the thighs, hips, abdominal area and lower and upper torso. Style 39 body shaper is designed to provide maximum compression and comfort during plastic surgery recovery. It features a soft-knitted 55 percent Lycra spandex material for a snug fit while maintaining its breathability.

Better Results After Liposuction

  • Wear after surgery or as an everyday bodyshaper
  • Snug fit, breathable fabric
  • Comfortable compression
  • Lycra spandex anti-microbial material
  • Open Crotch

Body shapers for women are perfect for after surgery recovery and Contour’s Style 39’s pull on feature make is a perfect bodyshaper for everyday wear.

Suggested Usage:

Liposuction of the abdomen, abdominal area, upper and lower torso, hips, thighs; liposculpture, smart lipo

For longer wear, ContourMD and medical professionals recommend using Variance fabric wash. For continual use after surgery, we recommend adding two garments to your shopping cart.

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