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Mid Thigh Body Garment Full Zippers Slit Crotch - Style 34FLZ

Style 34FLZ Mid Thigh Body Garment Full Zippers by Contour




Style 34 - Mid Thigh Body Garment, Pull On

This slip on mid-thigh girdle with suspenders of the highest quality Lycra fabric provides for a highly compressive, yet comfortable compression garment.

This after-surgery garment comes standard with an open crotch, adjustable, removable straps, an open bust and a reinforced abdominal area. This slip on mid-thigh compression girdle is designed for the second stage of recovery from plastic surgery, offering the necessary compression but recognizing that you are now able to enjoy your regular activities and accommodating for your range of mobility.

First and Second Stage Compression Garment

  • Outside zippers make this a great second stage garment
  • Adjustable straps are also removable
  • Reinforced abdominal area for tummy tucks
  • Open bust area gives more comfort

Important sizing notes for the Mid Thigh Garment

Important sizing note for the Style 34 Mid Thigh Garment, pull on: under the breast measurements, X-Small 26-26″, Small 27-30″, Medium 31-34″, Large 35-38″, X-Large 39-42″, and XX-Large 43-46″

Suggested usage: Abdominoplasty, tummy tuck, panniculectomy surgery, WLS and bariatric surgery, liposuction procedures for the upper and lower back, hips, thighs and liposculpture.

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