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Chin Neck Bandage by Contour - Style 330

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Style 330 Chin Neck Bandage by Contour




330 Contour First Stage Facial Garment Chin Neck Bandage

Contour’s Chin Neck Bandage is designed for your first stage recovery from facial surgery. Your face is a vital area for reconstruction, therefore, we consult with plastic surgeons to ensure our facial garments make and exceed the grade. Your face is also a delicate area so we keep your comfort in mind.

Chin Neck Bandage Provides Comfort:

  • Cool Lycra Spandex is soft-knitted material which provides firm support, yet soothing against your skin
  • Seamless chin cup, so does not irritate your skin
  • Separate neck and face strap adjustments so it stays secure under your control without rolling or pinching
  • Velcro adjustments provide a snug yet cozy ease of fit
  • Flat seams prevent indentation
  • Comfortable neck wrap for neck surgeries

Chin Neck Bandage Provides Beauty:

Secure support ensures proper healing for a beautiful result.

Suggested Usage:

  • Face lift
  • Facial surgery
  • Mentoplasty chin implant
  • Neck surgery and oral maxillofacial surgery for both men and women

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    Highly recommend

  2. Pam

    Highly recommend

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