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Style 32BNZ - Brief Shaper Bra Top w/o Zippers by Contour

Style 32BNZ – Brief Body Shaper Bra Top Without Zippers by Contour




32BNZ Contour Second Stage  Brief Body-shaper Bra Top w/o Zipper

Contour’s Brief Body-shaper Bra Top accommodates your second stage of plastic surgery recovery with the proper compression recommended by plastic surgeons. You will find our compression garments to be quite cozy. No need for a zipper in your second recovery stage.

Brief Body-shaper Bra Provides Comfort:

  • Second stage compression from soft-knitted 55% Lycra Spandex material yields to your skin
  • Compresses soothingly on hips, breast, abdominal area, upper/lower torso
  • Soft supportive bra top
  • Hook and Eye crotch for convenience

Brief Body-shaper Provides Beauty:

  • Shaper contours to your new body frame presenting a shapely appearance
  • Elegant lace pattern envelops  bra top

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