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Abdominal Panty Girdle 4in Waist Closed Crotch - Style 22

Style 22 – Abdominal Panty Girdle 4in Waist by Contour




22 Contour First Stage Abdominal Panty Girdle with 4-inch Waist Closed Crotch

Contour’s abdominal panty girdles are designed to address the care and needs following abdominal procedures. Our team works with surgeons to provide you with proper compression and comfort. Our abdominal compression girdles open completely, giving your surgeon the opportunity to put it on you while on the operating table, immediately after your procedure is completed.

Abdominal Panty Girdle 4- inch high Waist Closed Crotch Provides Comfort:

· High quality Lycra Spandex material offer proper compression with comfort

· 4-inch waist provides overall fit

· crotch opens for convenience

· Hook-and-eye closure and one-sided zipper on the crotch panel provide additional convenience during your entire recovery period

· Perfect of C-section recovery

Abdominal Panty Girdle with 4-inch Waist Provides Beauty:

· Front panel laced with feminine pattern

· Classic choice of colors beige or black

· Great for postpartum- after pregnancy or c-section because provides firm support and compression to aid your body in returning to original shape after baby

Suggested Usage: Tummy tuck, abdominoplasty, abdominal surgery, stomach liposuction, panniculectomy surfery, postpartum, after c-section, after pregnancy

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