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Style 18 - Comfort Face Wrap - One Size

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Style 18 – Comfort Face Wrap – One Size



The Comfort Face Wrap is a fully adjustable facial compression garment. The addition of the adjustable ear pads to a standard facial garment provides the desired comfort patients need while recovering from a cosmetic procedure. The wrap is a 3-1/2 inch micro fiber elastic material that is a 100% latex-free material for no worry comfort. The 1 inch foam ear pads are lined with a non-irritating cotton fabric and are attached with Velcro for easy adjustment. The thumbnail cutout under the chin reduces pressure on the neck. Universal Size.

Wearing a compression garment following a plastic surgery procedure can accelerate the healing process, improve blood circulation, minimize swelling, and allows the skin to adjust to the new contours.

Suggested Usage: face lift, facial surgery, mentoplasty chin implant, neck surgery, and oral or maxillofacial surgery

Medical professionals recommend Variance for cleansing compression and support garments for a longer life and to maintain the garment’s compressive ability.

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