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Slip On Mid Calf Girdle Slit Crotch by Contour - Style 15MC

Style 15 – Slip On Mid Calf Girdle Open Crotch by Contour




15MC Contour Slip On Mid Calf Second Stage Compression Girdle with Slit Crotch

Contour works with surgeons so that we can provide you with ultimate care and comfort. We design compression garments for every stage of your recovery and we want each stage of your recovery to be comfortable. This is what you will find in our Slip On Mid-Calf Girdle with Slit Crotch.

Slip On Mid-Calf Girdle with Slit Crotch Provides Comfort:

· High-quality Lycra fabric offers firm support yet comfortable

· Reinforced abdominal panel no longer requires zippers during second stage of recovery

· Open crotch for your convenience (closed crotch available)

Slip On Mid-Calf with Open Crotch Provides Beauty:

· Contour supports your wishes to feel beautiful, even during recovery stages, so we design with simplistic beauty such as lace trim along the mid-calf.

Medical professionals recommend Variance, a cleaning product designed to maintain longer garment life as well as compression abilities.

Suggested Usage: Liposuction of the hip, thigh, buttocks, flanks and abdomen. Abdominoplasty, Tummy tuck, Thigh Lift, Lipoplasty, Liposculpture.

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