Scar Fx Breast Anchor with Areola Circle (Each)


Scar Fx Breast Anchor with Areola Circle (Each)


Scar Fx Silicone Sheet 1.5 x 3 in (Each)

ScarFX Silicone can be used on all types of post-surgery scars, hypertrophic and keloid scars, and other scar types caused by injury, trauma, and burns.

Proven in over 50 medical studies, Scar Fx Silicone Sheeting is the inexpensive solution that helps to reduce the scar’s appearance, color & size.

Simply place over your scar on a daily basis and will last up to three months.  

Scar Fx Scar Therapy is a soft, pliable, silicone formulated sheet that contours easily to any part of your body. 

For optimal results use Scar Fx a minimum of 8-12 hours a day and apply Scar Esthetique Crème when not wearing the silicone sheeting.


Scar Fx is applied to a clean and dry scar, for up to 8-12 hours nightly

The sheets can minimize the appearance of discolored or raised scars, and even occasionally scars that are years old

Do not use creams, lotions, powders or ointments under silicone sheeting as they may interfere with the performance of the product and/or cause skin irritation


Wash the silicone sheet with water and a gentle bar of soap twice per week.

Use the silicone sheet for 8-12 weeks before replacing or pausing treatment

Relevant Procedures & Conditions: Breast Augmentation, Breast Surgery, Breast Implants,

Ingredients: Silicone Elastomers


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“We want to ensure that your garment is in tip-top shape when you receive it. Simply, remove the extra Velcro strip and adhere directly to the fabric.”

Silicone Breast Scar Sheet – 4 in x 8 in (Each) Description

Patients should use Silicone Breast Scar Sheet on post-surgery scars after breast surgery.

These silicone breast scar sheets work on hypertrophic scars, keloid scars, and any other scar types caused by injury, trauma, and burns.

Scientifically proven to help minimize the appearance and discoloration or scars in over 50 medical studies.

The advantage of silicone sheets over scar healing gels and ointments is that silicone sheets put direct pressure on the scar.

This pressure is beneficial to minimizing scar appearance, whereas gel and lotions do not keep continual pressure on the scar to reduce its appearance.

Scar Fx Silicone Sheeting is an inexpensive solution that helps to reduce the scar’s appearance, color & size.

Silicone Scar Sheets are ideal for use under surgical garments or ordinary clothing.

Thin, soft, and flexible—they’re so comfortable, that you’ll forget you’re wearing the latest technology for scar management!

We recommend using this product in conjunction with Scar Esthetique Scar Cream.  View our entire line of scar treatment products.

Medically proven to reduce the appearance of both old and new scars with an 80% success rate

One of the most common questions we receive from our clients before surgery is, Will I have a scar afterward, or Will this leave a scar?”

Anytime the skin is cut, surgically or otherwise, there will be a scar. Luckily, there are various things we can do to minimize scarring, one being silicone sheeting.

The Scar Fx silicone sheet comes highly recommended by both plastic surgeons and dermatologists.

Over 50 medical studies show that the Scar Fx Silicone sheet is approved for its efficacy in silicone sheeting, helping to reduce scarring and flattening out old and new scars alike!

Breast Scar Sheet Features:

  • Made of silicone
  • Minimizes the appearance of scars


Wash the silicone sheet with water and a gentle soap twice per week. Use the silicone sheet for 8-12 weeks, and then the scar reduction therapy is complete.

Relevant Procedures

Why choose a Silicone Breast Scar Sheet for your optimal recovery?

  • Scar Fx is a low-cost, non-invasive medical approach to making your scar tissue soft and smooth.
  • This product neutralizes the scar’s color and will work to flatten raised scars.
  • Scar Fx silicone sheeting is self-adhesive and extremely easy to use without known side effects.

How do the silicone strips get used?

You will receive one sheet in the box. Each strip can be cut precisely, depending on your case and need. Each strip has an easy-peel backing and is flexible, durable, and reusable for up to 3 months.

Directions for application:

  1. Once your surgical incisions have healed, no scabs are present or open areas are still recovering, you can start using the strips.
  2. Remove gel sheeting from packaging and trim, if necessary, to fit. The sheet should extend at least ½ inch beyond the area.
  3. Make sure your scar is clean and dry before application, free from creams, gels, ointments, or powders.
  4. Peel off backing and apply to scar, sticky side down.
  5. Wear daily for 12 to 22 hours for approximately three months.
  6. Suppose gel sheeting loses its stickiness, no problem. Wash gently with mild soap and cool water and lay flat to air dry, allowing it to become sticky again.
  7. It is essential not to apply silicone sheeting if you plan to swim, sweat, or bathe. Remove the strips before working out and showering.

How long do you wear the Breast Scar sheets?

We recommend wearing the sheets for 12 to 22 hours, making sure you remove them daily to allow the area to be washed and cleaned. Most people wear them for about three months.

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