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Discover comfort and support post-surgery with our surgical arm compression vest. Designed for optimal recovery, reduce swelling and discomfort effectively. Shop now for enhanced healing!

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Post Surgical Arm Compression Sleeve Vest Shapewear

Introducing the Post Surgical Arm Compression Vest. Our innovative long arm compression vest is designed to provide gentle compression throughout the arms for optimal comfort. It is the ideal choice for individuals recovering from brachioplasty as it facilitates a comfortable healing process while assisting in achieving desired results.

Our arm compression vest has been specifically crafted to meet the needs of post-surgical wear, aiding in the reduction of inflammation, numbness, tingling, and general discomfort caused by fluid retention.

Medical-Grade Compression for Superior Recovery

Experience the benefits of medical-grade compression with our arm compression vest. This essential feature helps to effectively minimize swelling and safeguard incisions during recovery, promoting a smoother and more comfortable healing process.

Open Bust Design for Customized Support

The open bust design of our vest allows you to wear your own bra, ensuring customized support and comfort. This “wear your own bra” style accommodates any cup size, making it versatile and practical for everyday wear post-surgery.

Extensive Upper Back Coverage

Our arm compression vest offers extensive upper back coverage, providing comprehensive support that extends beyond the arms. This feature helps improve posture and offers additional back support, making it an essential component of your post-surgical recovery wardrobe.

Convenient Front Eye-Hooks Closure

The front eye-hooks closure is both convenient and adjustable, making it easy to wear and remove the vest. This feature allows for a snug fit that can be adjusted as needed throughout your recovery journey.

Lipofoam for Enhanced Comfort

Elevate your comfort with the addition of Lipofoam in the sleeves of our arm compression vest. This specialized foam insert provides heightened cushioning and protection, ensuring a comfortable wearing experience while promoting optimal healing. Lipofoam also offers additional support for your scar and aids in gentle compression of the arms.

Ideal for Various Post-Surgical Procedures

Our post-surgical arm compression vest is perfect for individuals recovering from procedures such as brachioplasty and upper arm liposuction. The vest improves circulation and lymphatic drainage, aiding in the reduction of swelling, inflammation, and fluid retention.

Key Features of Our Arm Compression Vest

  • Medical-grade compression: Effectively minimizes swelling and safeguards incisions during recovery.
  • Open bust design: Allows you to wear your own bra for customized support.
  • Extensive upper back coverage: Provides comprehensive support and improves posture.
  • Front eye-hooks closure: Convenient and adjustable for a perfect fit.

Comfortable Healing Process

Experience a comfortable healing process with our arm compression vest. The design is meticulously crafted to address your needs post-surgery, ensuring reduced swelling, protection, and comfort.

Posture Corrector and Back Support

Our arm compression vest not only aids in recovery but also functions as a posture corrector and back support. The extensive upper back coverage helps pull your shoulders back, improving posture and providing additional support to the back.

Adjustable Front Closure and Breast Lifter

The vest features an adjustable front closure with eyehooks, allowing you to customize the fit for optimal comfort. The open bust design also serves as a breast lifter, providing a flattering and supportive fit that pairs seamlessly with your favorite bra.

Why Choose Our Arm Compression Vest?

Choosing our post-surgical arm compression vest ensures you are investing in a high-quality, medical-grade garment designed to support your recovery journey. From reducing swelling and inflammation to improving posture and offering back support, our vest is an essential addition to your post-surgical care.


What procedures is this arm compression vest suitable for?

Our arm compression vest is ideal for use after procedures such as brachioplasty and upper arm liposuction. It aids in reducing swelling, inflammation, and fluid retention.

Can I wear my own bra with this vest?

Yes, the open bust design allows you to wear your own bra, providing customized support and comfort.

How does the front eye-hooks closure work?

The front eye-hooks closure is adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect fit and making it easy to wear and remove the vest.

Does this vest provide back support?

Yes, the extensive upper back coverage helps improve posture and provides additional back support.

Is the material comfortable for all-day wear?

Our vest is crafted from high-quality, breathable materials that ensure comfort during all-day wear.

Optimize Your Recovery with Our Post Surgical Arm Compression Vest

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