Otoplasty Recovery Comfort Face Wrap – Style 18


Style 18 – Comfort Face Wrap – One Size

Suggested Usage:

  • facelift
  • facial surgery
  • mentoplasty chin implant
  • neck surgery
  • oral or maxillofacial surgery

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“We want to ensure that your garment is in tip-top shape when you receive it. Simply, remove the extra Velcro strip and adhere directly to the fabric.”

Introducing the Comfort Face Wrap for Otoplasty Recovery

The Comfort Face Wrap by ContourMD, Style 18, is a revolutionary facial compression garment designed to optimize your recovery journey after otoplasty.

Crafted with comfort and effectiveness in mind, this one-size-fits-all wrap is a game-changer in post-surgery care.

Supporting Your Recovery with Facial Compression

Our medical-grade face compression garments are tailored by surgeons to ensure optimal healing for various procedures, including otoplasty.

Whether you’ve undergone ear surgery, facelifts, or other facial corrections, our Comfort Face Wrap provides the comfort you need during the crucial recovery phase.

With its 3-1/2 inch microfiber elastic material and adjustable 1-inch foam ear pads, this wrap delivers the care your skin deserves.

The Velcro attachments on the ear pads adjust easily, offering a personalized fit for every user.

The thoughtful thumbnail cutout under the chin reduces pressure on the neck, ensuring both comfort and support.

Why Choose the Comfort Face Wrap?

Our facial compression garment accelerates the healing process, improves blood circulation, minimizes swelling, and allows your skin to adjust seamlessly to its new contours.

Recommended for various procedures, including:

  • Facelifts
  • Facial surgeries
  • Chin implants
  • Neck surgeries
  • Oral or Maxillofacial surgeries

It’s your go-to choice for reliable recovery.

FAQs About Otoplasty Recovery

Q: What is the typical recovery time for otoplasty surgery?

A: The healing process generally takes about two weeks, but individual recovery times vary. Follow your surgeon’s instructions, and ensure proper care with the Comfort Face Wrap for a smoother recovery.

Q: How can I protect my ears during otoplasty recovery?

A: Avoid touching or rubbing your ears, use a protective headband, and keep them clean. The Comfort Face Wrap with its adjustable ear pads is your ideal companion for this purpose.

Tips for a Comfortable Otoplasty Recovery

  • Don’t Touch or Rub Your Ears: Use the Comfort Face Wrap and follow your surgeon’s care instructions.
  • Take Prescribed Pain Medication: Manage discomfort effectively with prescribed medication for a smoother healing process.
  • Protect Your Head from Heat: Stay indoors, wear a hat, or use a cold compress to alleviate discomfort caused by heat.
  • Sleep with Your Head Elevated: Use pillows or a wedge pillow to maintain an elevated position, reducing swelling and pressure on the ears.
  • Wear a Protective Headband at Night: Follow your surgeon’s recommendation for added protection and cleanliness.
  • Be Careful with Your Incisions: Proper care minimizes complications. Follow cleaning instructions and maintain a sterile environment.
  • Keep Away from Sun Exposure: Protect your ears from the sun with a wide-brimmed hat and high-SPF sunscreen.
  • Wear Easy-to-Remove Clothes: Choose clothing that minimizes discomfort and pressure on your ears during the recovery process.
  • Avoid Rigorous Activity: Steer clear of strenuous exercise to prevent complications and support a successful recovery.

For a comprehensive recovery experience, explore our full line of post-op facial compression garments, including the Facial Compression Wrap, Chin Neck Bandage, French Drape Chin Strap, and more.

Important Note:

To protect your garment during the shipping process, we add an extra piece of velcro to the garment. Once you receive your garment you can remove the extra piece of velcro. Here’s how to remove it safely:

  • Pull the corner of the Velcro carefully by hand
  • Gently pull off the Velcro – there is no sticky stuff on the back of it.
  • Do not use any chemicals or a knife to remove the Velcro.
  • Once removed, dispose of the Velcro piece
  • You will use the fabric as the sticking point for the Velcro.
  • Do not forget to REMOVE the extra bit of Velcro

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