Oleeva C-Section Shape (Each) Silicone Sheet


Oleeva C-Section Shape (Each) 37CS-10

Oleeva is a thin, soft, and flexible scar treatment cut to ensure the correct placement and coverage of your C-Section scar after a Caesarion section procedure.

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“We want to ensure that your garment is in tip-top shape when you receive it. Simply, remove the extra Velcro strip and adhere directly to the fabric.”

Oleeva C-Section Shape (Each) Silicone Sheet

Oleeva Scar Shapes, known for their thin, soft, and flexible design, provide ideal coverage for your C-Section scar following a Caesarean section procedure.

When considering Oleeva Scar Shapes, you’ll find them perfect for wearing beneath surgical garments or regular clothing.

Forget about dealing with messy gels or pastes with Oleeva Scar Shapes in use.

How does Oleeva Fabric Scar Management work? 

  • Reduces existing scars
  • Prevention of new scars resulting from traumatic or surgical injuries. 


Oleeva C-Section Shape Each Silicone Sheet Features:

  • Self-adhesive for maximum convenience and versatility
  • Oleeva Scar Shapes are cut to ensure the correct placement and coverage for your procedure. 
  • Thin, soft, and flexible – soft backing makes for easy wear under clothing, ensuring edges don’t roll up when used in combination with a compression garment.
  • They are designed to treat breast, abdominal, and other areas due to surgical scarring.
  • Silicon technology offers incredible stretch and conforming characteristics.

Suggested Uses:

  • Breast
  • Abdominal
  • Other areas due to surgical scarring


  • Oleeva C-Section Shape Each Silicone Sheet  2.5 x 9″ (6 x 23 cm). EACH. 
  • All Oleeva products are sold one per package. If you require two areas covered, you need to buy two units.


Important Note:

This product is non-returnable; it is sterile, and single-patient use becomes unsellable for others once opened. Patients should NOT apply the silicone sheet to open wounds. Patients should not use this item on open wounds. Start wearing the silicone scar sheet as soon as your skin is fully healed, stitches are removed and show no weeping or crusting at the surgical site. If you are ever unsure, ask your doctor or surgeon to help you.

Instructions for Use: 

First, wash your scars and hands.  Step 1: Remove the product from its package and, if necessary, trim the pieces to fit slightly beyond the edges of the scarred area.  Step 2: Peel away the paper protective liner (save for later use). Place the scar sheet — sticky side down – directly on the scarred area. Keep the scar sheet in place for at least 12 hours and up to 23 hours daily.  Step 3: At least once a day, wash the scarred area and the adhesive side of the scar sheet with mild soap and water. Rinse the product thoroughly to remove all traces of soap. Apply the scar sheet to your skin or other clean surfaces while still wet and blot dry the back surface using a cloth or towel. Between uses, store the scar sheet on the protective paper liner. 

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