Gelzone Wrap 6 X 48""

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Gelzone Wrap 6 X 48″”


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The Gelzone Wrap is the only choice on the market that combines both compression healing, musculoskeletal support and scar management all in one. By providing compression support this wrap helps reduce pain and swelling allowing you to move freely after your surgery, and the addition of the musculoskeletal support, which is easily accomplished with an adjustable non-slip, non-binding closures, helps support any hard or soft tissue needs. Most importantly the Gelzone Wrap helps diminish the appearance of scars hypertrophic and keloid scars which are often the result of plastic surgery incisions or other serious trauma to the skin. The inside of the wrap is lined with silicone which has been clinically proven to reduce the size, color, and shape of these scars. The combination of the silicone and compression is unmatched in topical scar treatments.

The silicone side of this wrap will stick to the skin and therefore should not be worn until after your wounds have completely healed. This 6″ X 48″ wrap is ideal for treatment after a thigh-lift, tummy tuck, chest surgery or arm-lift.

Due to manufacturer preference, this item cannot be returned.

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