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Gel-Care Advanced Scar Therapy - 5"x6" Self-Adhesive Gel Sht

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Gel-Care Advanced Scar Therapy – 5″x6″ Self-Adhesive Gel Sht



Gel-Care Advanced Scar Therapy is a new patent pending scar treatment
product that combines the documented benefits of two different scar
treatment regimens:  An occlusive gel barrier as found in clinically
proven silicone sheet products combined with the addition of natural
 botanical oils, antioxidants, vitamins and emollients that moisturize
and condition skin and scar tissue.   Gel-care Advanced Self-Adhesive
Gel Sheeting is made with a specially formulated enriched gel containing
ingredients that promote healthy skin.  Sheeting can be cut to size and
is washable and reusable.  Recommended to prevent and to diminish the
appearance of scars from injury, surgery, burns, acne and stretch marks.
 Gel-care Advanced Self-Adhesive Gel Sheeting contains approximately
2mm of gel applied to a comfortable and conformable material that
facilitates skin contact and maintains an occlusive environment for
optimal skin health.

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