Expand A Band Compression Bra


The Expand A Band Bra provides support and compression. It’s made of a soft, latex-free, elastic, and sheered material that won’t bind or irritate sensitive tissue. The Bra has two pockets that can hold gel packs or breast forms. The post-surgical bra for breast surgery is designed to help you recover in Comfort and Safety from your reach cosmetic surgery.

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“We want to ensure that your garment is in tip-top shape when you receive it. Simply, remove the extra Velcro strip and adhere directly to the fabric.”

Unlocking Comfort and Support: The Expand-a-Band Compression Bra

Welcome to a world where comfort meets support seamlessly with the Expand-a-Band Compression Bra.

Designed to be easy to apply, durable, and attractive, this garment is more than just a bra—it’s a solution for individuals seeking excellent support and compression, especially after various breast procedures.

The Expand-a-Band Advantage

Constructed from soft, elastic, and latex-free sheered material, the Compression Bra prioritizes your comfort.

Further, it gracefully conforms to your breasts without causing any binding or irritation to sensitive tissue.

Equally important, the front hook-and-loop closure not only ensures easy application and removal but also adds a touch of convenience to your daily routine.

Multi-Functional Design

What sets the Expand-a-Band Compression Bra apart is its thoughtful design.

Featuring two pockets, this bra goes beyond the ordinary, providing you with versatile options.

What’s more, use the pockets to securely hold cold/hot packs or nursing pads, adapting to your specific needs at any given moment.

Post-Procedure Support

For those navigating the challenging aftermath of:

Furthermore, it doesn’t stop there—this bra is also an ideal choice for individuals undergoing radiation therapy and biopsies.

Comprehensive Support for Various Procedures

The Compression Bra steps up to the plate, providing essential support and compression post a range of breast procedures including mastectomy, lumpectomy, breast augmentation, reconstruction, reduction, excisional breast biopsy, wire-localized breast biopsy, stereotactic core biopsy, radiation therapy, nursing support.

Customizable Compression

Finally, sizing matters, and the Expand-a-Band Compression Bra understands that. Choose

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