ContourMD Round Gel Packs


ContourMD Round Gel Packs

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ContourMD Round Gel Packs by Contour

The 4-inch gel pack covers almost any incision. Cold therapy helps your recovery quicker and more comfortably after your surgical procedure.

The ContourMD gel pack can be used for a variety of cosmetic procedures of the face, breasts and body. Each gel pack is lined with a fabric surface that is gentle on the skin and serves as a barrier to prevent frost bite. Unlike most gel packs the ContourMD round gel packs will remain flexible even after they are frozen, however these can also be placed in a bowl of very warm water to warm them. Gel packs are sold individually.

When Compression Garments Just Aren’t Enough

  • Fabric lined gel pack to prevent frost bite
  • Flexible for comfort
  • Freezeable

Suggested Usage

Cosmetic procedures of the face, breasts and body

Multiple gel packs are recommended for use between freezing or heating or for use of multiple procedures.


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