Augmentation Bandeau by Contour – One Size fits all


Augmentation Bandeau by Contour – One Size fits all

Suggested Usage

  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast Lift
  • Breast Reduction
  • Breast Implant Surgery
  • Augmentation mammaplasty
  • Submuscular augmentation

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“We want to ensure that your garment is in tip-top shape when you receive it. Simply, remove the extra Velcro strip and adhere directly to the fabric.”

Compression Surgical Bra Augmentation Bandeau

Wearing a post-surgery compression garment during breast surgery aids faster, more comfortable recovery for augmentation, lift, reduction, or implant procedures.

At Contour MD, we have designed the MD Women's Bandeau Bra to provide the best recovery experience, optimizing the healing process and delivering improved results.

Comfortable and Supportive 3” Adjustable Breast Band

Our Compression Bra is the epitome of comfort and support after breast surgery.

The 3-inch white, cotton, elastic band offers unparalleled comfort, ensuring no pinching or rubbing.

Universally sized, this Reduction & Augmentation Recovery Bra provides a perfect fit for all.

Easy-to-Wear Strapless Bandeau Bras

Simplicity and convenience define our strapless bandeau bra.

The elastic material securely fastens the white bandeau bra with a strong Velcro closure, ensuring all-day positioning and comfort.

Phase 1 Post Breast Surgery Elastic Band

Developed in close collaboration with surgeons, our bandeau bras for women offer targeted compression, making them ideal for post-breast surgeries.

By stabilizing and positioning breast implants, these bras facilitate localized compression, thereby aiding a smoother recovery process.

Contour MD Compression Surgical Bra Bandeau: Recovery Made Easier

Additionally, our breast augmentation band provides maximum compression and support for your comfort during the crucial first stage of post-surgery recovery.

For hygiene and convenience, we recommend purchasing two of these breast compression straps, allowing you to use one while washing the other.

Suggested Usage and Unique Design

Moreover, the ContourMD Compression Bandeau Bra is highly recommended for breast reduction or augmentation recovery, encompassing:

  • Augmentation Mammaplasty
  • Submuscular Augmentation
  • Breast implant surgery.

Its unique design and construction ensure optimal positioning and stabilization of breast implants while providing localized compression for a better post-surgery recovery experience.

Care and Maintenance

To maintain the fabric's compression abilities, medical professionals recommend cleaning your Compression Bandeau Bra with Variance regularly.

At ContourMD, our focus is on making post-surgery recovery as comfortable and efficient as possible, by implementing specialized techniques and resources.

One Size Fits All

Moreover, the post-surgery bandeau bra is conveniently adjustable, ensuring a perfect fit for your figure, and providing optimal compression.

In fact, we don't accept returns for worn garments; consult your physician for advice on recommended usage.

About ContourMD

With over 35 years of experience, ContourMD manufactures liposuction recovery supplies and medical compression garments, ensuring comfortable, swift, and confident recovery.

Moreover, our USA-made products yield optimal results in less time, minimize side effects, and guarantee comfort and relaxation through insightful features.

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