10ft Roll of Lipo Foam – Liposuction Compression Foam


After liposuction, you will need to rest and take it easy. ContourMD makes it easy to recover in comfort using our American Made surgeon-recommended lipo foam. Lipo Foam gives uniform smooth compression over a suctioned area. It is ideal for arms, chins, abdomen, thighs or any area uniform healing is necessary.

This product is a 10-foot roll of lipo foam. 

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“We want to ensure that your garment is in tip-top shape when you receive it. Simply, remove the extra Velcro strip and adhere directly to the fabric.”

Lipo Foam – Post-Liposuction Recovery Compression Sheets give uniform, smooth compression over a suctioned area. It is ideal for arms, chins, abdomen, thighs, or anywhere where uniform healing is necessary. Lipo Foam can be inserted between a garment and suctioned areas or adhered to the surface using Hollister Adhesive spray. ContourMD recommends purchasing four (4) or more sheets at a time.

  • Less Bruising
  • Less Swelling
  • Less Ecchymosis
  • Uniform Compression Over Suctioned Area
  • Ideal for arms, chins, abdomen, thighs, or any area where uniform healing is necessary.

How to Use Lipofoam Sheets

Lipo foam is easy to use. Insert the foam between a garment and suctioned areas or adhere it to the surface using Hollister Adhesive spray.

ContourMD recommends purchasing five or more sheets at a time so you are not missing any when you need to replace one. When used correctly, lipo foam reduces bruising and makes healing quicker and more comfortable.

Typically, you wear Lipo Foam for 2-14 days post-surgery. But always consult directly with your physician for your recommended use. ContourMDs Lipo Foam is surgeon-recommended and has the highest quality available.

These foam sheets are applied directly to the abdomen/suctioned areas and are exceptional for flattening abdominal skin after surgery. Use it with any compression garments at all stages of the recovery process (but stages 1 & 2 are most crucial).

Consult with your physician to ensure you use Lipo Foam correctly and for any recommended techniques or schedules. They will help monitor your post-op recovery status and ensure you achieve your desired results.

It is essential to stay in communication through regular check-ins with your physician or care technician after your surgery.

Is Lipofoam safe to use?

Absolutely! Our ContourMD Lipo Foam is surgeon recommended, considered the best in the industry, and made in America. So you can rest assured knowing you’re supporting a local company and are receiving the best quality product possible. Work directly with your physician on an application schedule, and keep them updated on your progress to ensure your optimal recovery.

How Many Sheets of Lipofoam do you need?

We recommend purchasing at least 4-6 sheets of ContourMD Lipo Foam so you have one available. This package comes with three sheets of lipo foam.

Where do I start?

The post-liposuction recovery period is almost as important as the surgery to achieve your long-term aesthetic goals. ContourMD is here to help you understand the process and why lipo foam is integral to recovery.

The design of Liposuction compression garments and accessories complement your anatomy. And so, we provide comprehensive measurement guides to ensure you’re receiving the right product and size.

Lipo foam is a necessary post-procedure accessory, as it is comfortable, contours your body, and provides soothing relief to the skin through its uniform compression technology.

Compression garments and accessories like lipo foam speed up healing while providing comfort and reducing the risk of infection.

How do I know which products are suitable for me?

Before surgery, your plastic surgeon will explain the recovery process and recommend the necessary recovery garments and accessories.

We outline the three phases of recovery on our website here. Wearing compression garments is crucial to your recovery and achieving your desired aesthetic look post-surgery.

Lipo Foam can be worn with these garments and provides soothing comfort and uniform compression throughout your recovery process.

Lipo Foam is considered a body shaper and compression garment, providing uniform compression comfort to aid in your recovery while keeping you as comfortable as possible.

Benefits of Using Lipo Foam after Liposuction

Aside from recovering in comfort, the benefits of using Lipo Foam include:

  • Less Bruising
  • Less Swelling
  • Less Ecchymosis
  • Uniform Compression Over Suctioned Area
  • Ideal for arms, chins, abdomen, thighs, or any area where uniform healing is necessary.

If you have questions about Lipo Foam or Liposuction, please don’t hesitate to contact us at ContourMD. We would be happy to answer your questions or point you in the right direction…

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What is Liposuction foam?

Liposuction foam is a liposuction recovery compression sheet made of medical-grade foam. It provides smooth, uniform pressure over the liposuctioned area. Lipo foam comes in many different sized and shaped sheets.

What is the purpose of Liposuction foam?

Lipo foam aids liposuction recovery by placing smooth, even pressure over the freshly suctioned area. This compression helps to reduce fluid retention, skin folding, postoperative swelling, bruising, and scarring. It helps shape the final result and provides comfort during the liposuction recovery. Liposuction foam can also support compression garments by preventing them from creasing.

When should I wear liposuction foam?

After any liposuction, Patients should wear lipo foam after any liposuction procedure, including minor spot liposuction procedures, such as the chin or arm lipo. Liposuction foam should be worn with your faja garment after more complex procedures, like the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery.

How long do you wear foam after liposuction?

Lipo Foam can be worn anywhere from 3 days to 4 weeks. It just depends on how long the liposuction recovery process is. Your surgeon will advise you on the proper postoperative care for your procedure, including how long to wear your lipo foam.

Can I wear my lipo foam in the shower?

Some surgery recovery protocols call for patients to shower with lipo foam on their bodies. These patients need to dry their foam sheets with a cool blow dryer. Otherwise, patients should gently remove liposuction foam before you shower or bathe.

You can then apply a fresh sheet after. You will need to keep your lipo foam on for a certain period before patients can remove it. Your surgeon will advise you when it is safe to remove your compression support initially.

If your liposuction recovery protocol calls for showering with your foam on, your surgeon will give you detailed information on how to maintain it.

Do you have to wear liposuction foam?

Lipo foam makes liposuction recovery easier, safer, and more comfortable. But it isn’t necessarily required. Not all surgeons use it. Some surgeons use compression garments without added foam support. If you’d prefer the comfort and benefits of lipo foam, you can ask your surgeon to have it included in your liposuction recovery plan.

Where do you put liposuction foams?

You can wear your compression foam anywhere you’ve had liposuction done. Lipo foam sheets come in many sizes. They can fit any body area: the back, chin, arms, thighs, stomach, buttocks, etc.

How do I wear or apply liposuction foam?

You wear lipo foam next to your skin over bandages, surgical padding, or surgical drains. Your compression garments then go over this layer. You can apply the foam by placing it directly on the liposuctioned area, then covering it with your compression garment.

What are the benefits of wearing liposuction foam?

Liposuction foam improves the comfort of your recovery process and makes your recovery safer by reducing fluid retention, swelling, and bruising. Lipo foam also helps fat disperse and molds the suctioned area into a specific shape. This dispersion and molding can provide a more aesthetically pleasing final result.

What kind of surgeries?

Patients and Surgeons should use it with all liposuction surgeries and procedures. Positive Patient results can improve even minor outpatient lipo results with the fat dispersing effects of foam compression.

Is liposuction foam the most effective way to reduce swelling after getting liposuction?

Yes. Liposuction foam is the most effective way to reduce swelling post-op recovery, and that’s because it provides a smooth and even compression. Compression garments tend to crease, wrinkle, and dig into the flesh.

Using a compression garment without lipo foam is not ideal for surgical recovery. Patients should always wear compression garments combined with lipo foam underneath the garment in the immediate recovery. Lymph drainage, massage, and walking help reduce swelling, but these can’t be relied on immediately following surgery.

What will happen if I don’t use liposuction foam?

You are more likely to experience significant bruising, swelling, and fluid retention if you don’t use lipo foam in your postoperative recovery. You’ll miss the foam’s smoothing effect, which helps your fat cells to distribute evenly. You may also form creases, puckering, wrinkles, or dents in the suctioned area, which will result in a revision of the procedure.

Can I wear liposuction foam under a compression garment?

Yes. The design and effectiveness of Lipo foam, especially in combination with medical-grade compression garments, will gain maximum results and minimize revisions. Lipo foam will keep your compression wear from bunching up or folding into your skin and make the pressure feel more comfortable during your recovery.

What is better? Wrap around liposuction foam or individual foam boards?

This depends on your preference and type of surgery. Your surgeon will evaluate what post-care options suit you during your consultation. Even with a significant BBL surgery, you may not want a 360 wrap-around liposuction foam.

Will my liposuction foam get dirty?

Yes. Lipo foam is intended to be used immediately after surgery and during the initial postoperative liposuction recovery process. Your wounds will still be draining, and your lipo foam will likely get soiled as you heal. Lipofoam is a single-use, disposable product, so at ContourMD, we recommend purchasing multiple sheets of lipo foam for your recovery process.

Can I clean or wash my liposuction foam?

Patients shouldn’t wash liposuction foam, but it can be spot cleaned by wiping it down with hydrogen peroxide. Spot-clean your liposuction foam sheets as frequently as needed. And always try to avoid soaking the foam in water.

It’s a good idea to purchase multiple foam sheets. Doctors and Surgeons recommend keeping your wound areas clean and removing lipo foam if it’s damaged or has bodily fluids on it. Professionals recommend that you discard soiled lipo foam and use a new sheet.

Can I reuse my liposuction foam?

Yes. Patients can reuse your foam as long as it is in good condition. You should replace it if the foam is torn, dented, warped, or if the surface is broken. Patients should also replace their liposuction foam if they notice less pressure. Otherwise, you can spot clean it as necessary and reuse it.

Can I wear undergarments under the liposuction foam?

No. Your lipo foam should be the closest to your skin, next to your wound care dressings, and your undergarments will go on top. Post-liposuction recovery protocols require medical compression undergarments. Patients must wear these until their surgeon gives them the all-clear to return to everyday clothing.

Can I start wearing liposuction foam a few weeks after surgery?

You can always start wearing lipo foam when you need it. Since not all surgeons recommend lipo foam, some liposuction patients find themselves recovering with only compression garments, which can be highly uncomfortable and potentially cause a revision in the future. Patients can add lipo Foam to their liposuction recovery protocol at any time.

Can I wear liposuction foam under a faja?

Yes. Lipo foam works perfectly under fajas and other specialty compression garments like c-section girdles, post-op girdles, body shapers, cinturillas reductoras colombianas, waist cinchers, waist trainers, and corsets. You can wear lipo foam under any close-fitting garment.

Will I have to cut the liposuction foam to fit me?

Lipofoam sheets come in different shapes and sizes. You can get ones designed for other body areas like the abdomen, breast, chin, etc. You can also get foam sheets in standard or custom sizing. If you buy your foam sheets from a manufacturer that offers comprehensive sizing services, you won’t need to cut your lipo foam.

How long should I wear liposuction foams after a BBL?

After a major surgery like the BBL procedure, you may need to wear lipo foams for eight weeks. Each surgeon has a different post-op recovery protocol. Some BBL surgeons advise you to wear lipo foams for only two weeks. Others prefer to be more cautious and advise you wear lipo foams for around two months.

During your BBL recovery, you’ll need to wear tight-fitting compression garments like a faja, butt shaper, girdle, or bodysuit. These garments need to be worn for up to six months. You should always wear lipo foam with these garments if they irritate your surgical wound or crease your skin.

Will wearing liposuction foam reduce my pain?

Yes. Lipofoam should decrease pain, soreness, or discomfort during liposuction recovery. The smoothing effect disperses pressure from your compression garments. And the gentle compression keeps your fluids from pooling around the wound. Much pain in post-liposuction recovery comes from extensive bruising, swelling, and fluid retention. Wearing a lipo foam sheet will help mitigate these conditions.

Does liposuction foam contain latex or other known allergens?

High-quality liposuction foam does not contain latex. ContourMD’s lipo foam is hypoallergenic and made in America.

Will wearing lipo foam prevent me from bruising?

Wearing liposuction foam will reduce bruising during your liposuction recovery. Bruising comes with the territory, so there’s no guarantee it will prevent it. Wearing lipo foam will also reduce your chances of experiencing ecchymosis. Ecchymosis is when your skin discolors due to trauma, and it’s an extensive surface bruise that can be painful to touch.

Where can I get quality liposuction foam?

You can purchase quality liposuction foam from trustworthy medical manufacturers, such as ContourMD. It’s best to avoid third-party resellers on platforms like eBay, Amazon, or online swaps.

Look for a retailer that offers accurate sizing services, provides quality manufacturing assurances, and maintains a solid guarantee. Good online sizing services will ensure you receive a properly fitting lipo foam sheet.

Your lipo foam sheet needs to conform closely to your body, and Ill-fitting sheets make the post-liposuction recovery time more uncomfortable than it needs to be.

The internet is awash with subpar medical supplies. You can avoid these issues by buying from a US company that closely watches its supply chain. ContourMD offers American-made post-liposuction compression foam sheets.


WE FULLY STAND BY OUR PRODUCTS – all ContourMD compression garments are unconditionally guaranteed against manufacturing defects.

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