Even before you go into surgery, whether you are having breast augmentation surgery, mammaplasty, breast reconstruction, a breast lift, or breast implants, think about what kind of comfortable post surgical bra you will want to wear. Post surgical bras serve a number of important purposes, and you should shop for the right surgical bra with your particular procedure in mind.

Reduce Swelling and Discomfort

Surgical bras are designed to make you as comfortable as possible after your surgery. Every surgery is different, but it is likely that you will need some time to heal after yours and that you’ll want to wear only the most comfortable clothing. But at the same time you want to make sure you are wearing a surgical bra that supports you and provides the right amount of pressure. Surgical bras are designed to keep circulation moving, stabilize implants, and help your body to heal more quickly. For both comfort and health reasons, compression surgical bras are recommended for women who have undergone surgery.

Purchase a Couple of Surgical Bras

It is a good idea to choose more than one surgical bra to be worn after your surgery. Compression surgical bras are meant to be worn continuously, so that your body is held in position throughout your recovery. This will ensure that any implants or reductions are more natural looking and comfortable, and it will help your body to heal faster because of the effect on circulation.

You will also find that not every surgical bra is exactly the same. In fact, it may feel good to have more than one style of surgical bra to wear as you recover from surgery. All surgical bras are designed to provide support and compression, but they all have a little bit of difference to them. Make sure to choose one that has adjustable straps as well as an easy to close clasp in front, so that putting on and taking off the surgical bra is as easy as possible.

You should wear a surgical bra after your surgery for as long as your doctor suggests, and that means you should wear one at all times. To be sure that you always have one on, you’ll need at least two so that you can wear one while the other is in the laundry. Many women choose to purchase three or more, just in case they need an extra surgical bra. Plus, many surgical bras are designed to be worn even after you’ve fully recovered.

Looking Good During Recovery

While you may not see surgical bras as the most attractive bras available, the fact is that they will hold your breasts in place in a way that is flattering and attractive. Even if you don’t feel that great as you recover, at least you’ll look good and be using the most comfortable and helpful bra option. Many people continue to wear their surgical bras after they have recovered, at least under less revealing clothing, because they like the comfort and look of a surgical bra.

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