For any operation involving your breasts, it will be recommended that you wear a post-op compression bra as you recover. These bras are designed specifically for your recovery and to help keep your breasts in the proper position as you start to move around again after your operation. Your doctor will likely recommend a type of recovery bra for you to wear, but you’ll likely be doing a bit of your own research to find the absolute best option for you. Keep in mind that no matter what type of procedure you’re having done on your breasts, your old bras will never fit the same again. And unfortunately, many people (up to 60%) are not wearing the correct bra size to begin with. These bras are designed to help with the healing process by encouraging blood flow to the area, restricting movement, reducing bruising, and encouraging proper drainage. Your breasts will need to be supported until they are fully healed and your bra will have a big impact on how your recovery progresses here.


Help With Healing

A post-op recovery bra or compression bra can help your breasts heal the way you want them to after surgery. After any type of procedure your skin will heal in a new way, according to a number of factors. Your breasts will weigh a different amount, which will affect the way you heal, along with their position. Post-op bras help to hold your breasts in place so they heal in the ideal position, so it is important that you wear your post-op bra at all times aside from bathing. These bras are designed to apply a uniform pressure to your breasts which helps your circulation, and also keeps fluids from pooling in the area. This helps reduce the risk of infection which can obviously impede healing. This bra will likely feel tighter than the garments you’re typically used to wearing. Almost like a very tight sports bra. But the compression will be comforting after your surgery. They also help to reduce your risk of injury by holding your breasts in place as they recover, restricting any extreme movements.


Comfort and Security

As we’ve mentioned, these bras are much “tighter” than your traditional brazier. Many people find this to be extremely comforting to have their chest so supported post-op. No matter what the procedure, mastectomy, augmentation, or reduction, you will always appreciate the support as your chest will feel very different than before. This type of compression helps you feel secure and reduces your risk of injury.


Working with Your Doctor

It is important to work with your doctor to find the right post-op bra for you. It’s likely you’ll be able to find plenty of suitable options online, but it is always good to check with your doctor before making a purchase. While many surgical bras or compression bras mean the same thing, they may have different product names depending on the band and level of support they provide. With seemingly endless options available, it’s important to choose the right garment for your particular situation and procedure, which may require some friendly assistance. If you have questions, be sure to ask your doctor or give us a call if you are wondering about any of our products.

Remember, these garments are easy to open and close for your post-op exams and so you can get in and out without a problem, but you should be wearing your recovery garment most of the time. You’ll appreciate the support and comfort provided by ContourMD recovery bras, as we use only the best materials available and design/manufacture all our products here in America. Give us a call today if you have questions about any of our recovery products

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