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After an operation that involves your breasts, nothing could be more annoying than one of the regular bras you used to wear. You’re going to want to do some research into the best post op bras for you. First of all, most breast augmentation surgeries, whether for health or aesthetic reasons, change the size and shape of the breasts – so your old bras won’t fit correctly anyway. In addition, after surgery you don’t just walk out of the hospital fully healed. You will have to take it very easy for some time, and during that time of healing the way your breasts are supported by your bra will have an effect on how and how well you heal.

Help With Healing

There are a few things that a post op bra does for you that can help you to heal the way you want to. After a surgery, your skin is going to heal in a new way, and any weight on the skin will change the way the skin heals. Post op bras are designed to hold your breasts in exactly the position you want them to be, so that the skin heals just how you want it to.

Additionally, post op bras are compression garments, so they actually apply pressure to the healing parts of the body. This aids in proper circulation, keeping any fluids from pooling and reducing the risk of infection and improper healing.

Of course, there’s also the fact that any compression garments, including post op bras, hold you a little more tightly, but completely evenly, so that you feel a bit like you’re still being held by a comfortable bandage. This helps you to stay aware of the sensation of each movement you make, reducing the risk of injuring yourself and slowing down the healing process by doing too much, too soon.

Comfort and Security

Post op bras also provide a sense of security. If you have recently had breast augmentation after a mastectomy, or if you had a breast reduction, the way your chest feels to you is going to be very different from before. As a result, any sense of security and pressure will help you to feel safe from injury.

Working with Your Doctor

Your doctor may be able to recommend a post op bra, but it’s also likely that you will be able to find the right post op bras online. As long as you choose one of the top brands in post op garments, you’ll be sure to find something that has been designed with a situation like yours in mind. Post op bras are designed to be easy for the doctor to open and close, so you can have quick and easy post op exams, and they are easy for you to take on and off.

After a breast reduction surgery or breast implant surgery, you’ll want something new and comfortable. Post op bras provide both comfort and security, and they can help you to heal up properly after you leave the hospital.

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