Plastic Surgery Recovery for Men

Plastic surgery isn’t just for women; men are also finding their way to the plastic surgeon. Men of all ages and backgrounds want to look and feel their best. So, as a man, are you considering undergoing plastic surgery?

If so, read on to learn more about the after-surgery recovery process.

Explore the benefits of medical-grade compression garments in plastic surgery recovery for both men and women. From liposuction to breast reduction, learn how these garments aid healing.

Some Plastic Surgery for Men and Their Recovery Process

Throughout this article, we’ll explain the most popular cosmetic surgery for men and their recovery process.

Liposuction in Men

An American plastic surgery statistics report has shown that approximately 11% of clients who opt for liposuction treatment in 2020 are males. This usually involves liposuction of the abdomen, love handles (muffin top), and the double chin

Despite a lot of sports and training, excess fat can remain in some places on the body. It can create a feeling of insecurity and makes choosing clothes difficult, which is why people choose to remove the excess fat during the liposuction treatment. 

Recovery Process

The period of recovery is accompanied by swelling and pain, the appearance of hematomas, and discomfort when touching the skin. During this period:

  • Choosing the right corrective underwear that’ll shape and regulate the silhouette and tighten the skin is necessary. 
  • It’s essential to refrain from exposure to sunlight in the warm season to reduce the total time spent in the sun. 
  • If the patient experiences severe pain, it’s necessary to consult a doctor who can select the appropriate anesthetic medicine.
  • Refrain from physical activity.
  • To prevent infection, they must treat the seams left after the introduction of the tubes with an antiseptic.

Eyelid Correction in Men

In addition to liposuction treatment, eyelid correction (blepharoplasty) is a popular procedure for men. Approximately 14% of males in America did eyelid surgery in 2020. 

At most clinics, the most popular eyelid corrections are the upper eyelid correction or a combination of an upper and lower eyelid correction. Note that drooping eyelids can cause fatigue and headaches because they press on the eyeballs. 

Recovery Process

The exact recovery time depends on the characteristics of the patient’s skin, age, and complexity of the surgery. For instance, recovery after upper and lower blepharoplasty with an incision along the ciliary edge will last about 3-4 weeks.

To reduce puffiness, a plastic surgeon may recommend using cold compresses or simple eye exercises. In addition, during recovery after blepharoplasty, it’s desirable to reduce the intake of salt, alcohol, and other products that contribute to developing edema. 

Breast Reduction in Men

Many men undergo breast reduction surgery because they suffer from gynecomastia, also known as male breasts or man boobs. This is common among teenage boys and older men. Although breast formation in men is often harmless, it can involve a feeling of shame or insecurity, which is why they opt for this operation.

There are two approaches to breast reduction in men: liposuction and surgical breast reduction.

Recovery Process

The recovery process for gynecomastia is usually 10-14 days. During this time, make sure to follow these instructions: 

  • Try not to raise your arms or carry weights.
  • Sleep on your back for the first week.
  • Showering is possible 4-5 days after the operation. Until this time, it’s necessary to wear an elastic bandage and compression underwear at all times.
  • Take prescribed antibiotics and medications to reduce swelling. 
  • Don’t remove adhesive plasters from wounds. During the follow-up appointment, the doctor will change them.
  • Compression garments must be worn for six weeks (only allowed to be removed when showering). 

The Tummy Tuck

Similar to liposuction, tummy tuck is also an essential indication for men. Many men who have lost a lot of weight struggle with excess skin. To reduce this excess skin, they opt for a tummy tuck. This treatment removes the excess skin around the abdomen. 

Recovery Process

Recovery after tummy tuck involves staying in the hospital for several days. The duration depends on the patient’s condition and the complexity of the intervention. You can get up on the first day only with the help of medical personnel.

The patient will have to wear a bandage immediately after the operation. On the first day, it’s possible to stay in intensive care to monitor the condition after anesthesia. The patient is transferred to the ward after that and is sent home in 3-7 days. 

Rhinoplasty Surgery for Men

Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery to correct congenital or acquired defects of the nose. With the help of the operation, it’s possible to eliminate problems associated with nasal breathing. 

The surgery fixes the tip of the nose and if it has an excessive length or hump, a saddle shape, or large wide nostrils those features are also fixed. 

Recovery Process

The patient must stay in the hospital for at least one day after rhinoplasty. There may be discharge from the nose and swelling. It extends not only to the nasal area but also to the eyelids. 

The average recovery time after the operation is up to a month. However, the duration differs on the intervention’s scale, the patient’s health, and the care features. 

If only soft tissues were affected then the recovery process lasts 1-2 weeks. The recovery process lasts longer when the bones are altered. 


By now, we’re sure you know that not only women go for plastic surgery. Men are interested in cosmetic surgical procedures. 

Examples of such plastic surgeries include liposuction, breast reduction, eyelid correction, tummy tuck, and more! Each of these surgeries has different recovery processes.

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