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Are you finally going for the plastic surgery operation you’ve been wanting? If this will be your first time “under the knife”,  you’re probably wondering just how much you need to prepare. Most likely you’ve chosen a doctor who you feel comfortable and confident with, someone with experience and skill. And the right doctor will make you feel like your plastic surgery post op experience will simply be a time of rest and recuperation. However, they may also have mentioned that there are some garments that you can purchase which will help you to recover more comfortably, and some that may even help speed your recovery.

Compression and How it Helps Healing

Most plastic surgery post op garments are designed to apply pressure to the area where you’ve recently had surgery. If you’re going for a tummy tuck, most likely you’ll want plastic surgery post op garments that put pressure on your abdomen, like a girdle or abdominal binder. This pressure will help your body to heal in the shape you want it to. After plastic surgery, you will want your skin to heal tightly and firmly, to give you that great new body you’ve been looking forward to. One way to help that healing process along in the right direction is by wearing plastic surgery post op binders or girdles.

Post Op Aids for Breast Augmentation

Another common reason for plastic surgery post op garments is the proper and comfortable healing after a breast surgery of any kind. If you want to reduce the likelihood of scarring, you can use plastic surgery post op silicone scar sheets, designed specifically to rest along the lines where you want to minimize the potential for scarring. There are also a long list of surgical and compression bras, which help the breasts to rest in a comfortable and attractive position as you heal and recover after plastic surgery. These can be helpful for women who have had breast reductions, breast implants, or even breast lift surgeries.

Liposuction and Maintaining a Slender Figure

 For patients who are looking for plastic surgery post op garments to help heal after liposuction, compression girdles are a huge help. Not only will they keep your skin tight and your organs from moving into unattractive positions, but compression girdles will prepare you for the new you that will emerge once you’ve healed and are ready to show yourself to the world again.

All plastic surgery post op garments are designed specifically for patients who have undergone surgery. Some garments are even appropriate for patients undergoing surgery like hysterectomy or breast reconstruction after mastectomy. And of course, many are designed with patients just like you in mind – people who are undergoing plastic surgery and want to care for their bodies as best they can after their operation is over.

The healing process might be quick and easy, or it could be a bit painful and somewhat boring. It’s best to be prepared by getting together a plastic surgery post op plan, including some compression garments to help you heal comfortably and completely.

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