Plastic Surgery Recovery

Resources and Information on Plastic Surgery Recovery – Garments

Plastic surgery recovery is a big deal. If you’ve been waiting for elective surgery you’re probably experiencing a mix of feelings. In addition to excitement, you might be nervous or unsure of how to prepare for your operation and the recovery process. Your surgeon will explain all the pre and post-op requirements, how you might feel, things to look out for, etc. However, to be as prepared as possible, it’s good that you’re doing your own research!

At ContourMD we want to help make you comfortable post-op through our garments and also pre-op by providing information and answering any questions you have. Most likely, your surgeon has recommended that there will be a few garments required to wear after your surgery.

So, what do you need to know about post-op plastic surgery garments? Post-op plastic surgery recovery garments help you recover more comfortably while speeding up the healing process. There are different categories of garments, which we will outline here:

Compression Garments for Plastic Surgery Recovery

Compression garments are exactly what they sound like. They apply pressure or uniform compression to the area that has been operated. This is in order to speed up the healing process. These compression garments improve the circulation and blood flow to the area. For example, if you’re scheduled for a tummy tuck, you should wear an abdominal binder post-surgery. This puts pressure on your abdomen, ensuring your body heals in the shape you want it to. It also helps to avoid the pooling of fluids which can lead to complications.

Many pursue plastic surgery for aesthetic purposes and want their skin to heal tightly and firmly. Compression garments help with this and you should wear them at all times. Remember to follow the instructions that your surgeon provides as they know what’s best for your recovery.

Breast Augmentation Aids

When recovering from a breast operation, you will want to reduce the likelihood of scarring while also ensuring a comfortable healing process. Post-op silicone scar sheets can help with this. These scar sheets rest along the lines where you want to minimize scarring. In addition, there are many surgical and compression bras available. Compression helps the breast rest in a comfortable position as you heal and recover. These garments and tools are advisable for people who have had breast reductions, implants, or lifts.

Liposuction Recovery Garments

Compression after liposuction is a must. Your surgeon will provide advice and a schedule, along with the check-ins post-op to help advise you on the required garments. However, here is a general overview of what’s required post-op. Healing after liposuction is a 4-6 week process. Throughout this process, you’ll wear at least 2 different compression garments. The first garment, worn in Stage 1 (weeks 1-2), is a bit bulkier and provides the maximum level of compression and support.

The second garment, worn in Stage 2 (weeks 2-5) provides less compression but is still worn at all times to ensure optimal healing. In Stage 3 (>5 weeks) some people still choose to wear light compression for the support or to ensure they achieve their desired results.

Compression throughout liposuction recovery not only provides an aesthetic benefit but also keeps your organs from moving while supporting your muscles. Compression also reduces liquid pooling, by increasing your circulation. Again, you’ll want to work directly with your surgeon to ensure your desired results.

Plastic Surgery Recovery Garments Overview

We would be happy to assist you with things like sizing, finding the right garment, or answering any questions about the garments. These garments are also suitable for patients undergoing other surgeries including hysterectomy or breast reconstruction after mastectomy, not just plastic surgery.

All our garments are made in America with the highest quality materials, so you know you are getting the best recovery tools available. Remember that every healing process is different. Your recovery could be quick and painless, or it could be more uncomfortable… By being prepared with your plastic surgery post op plan and garments from ContourMD, you can rest assured you’ll be well on your way to healing comfortably in no time.

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