Resources and Information for Plastic Surgery Aftercare

Aside from the surgery itself, recovery from plastic surgery is the most important part of the procedure. Whether you desire plastic surgery for aesthetics or reconstruction, it is a serious medical procedure and aftercare shouldn’t be taken lightly. The best way to see desired results from plastic surgery is to follow the instructions of your physician(s) while taking care of yourself throughout the recovery process. Before your surgery, your surgeon will provide instructions and information with regards to what to expect, how to prepare, and how to ensure a speedy and smooth recovery. And while everyone’s surgery, and subsequent recovery, will be different, there are some general rules of thumb to follow to make sure it goes smoothly.


Recovery from Plastic Surgery

Depending on the type of surgery/procedure you are undergoing, you might be recovering as little as a day, or as long as 8+ weeks until you feel like yourself again. Whatever the recommended recovery time, it is important to remember that you just had a surgical procedure and should spend this time resting. Rest is crucial to achieving optimal results after plastic surgery, as you are allowing your body to focus on healing. Your doctor will provide detailed instructions on the type of surgery and aftercare that you need to adhere to following your cosmetic procedure. It’s important you follow these instructions as closely as possible to ensure optimal results. You may feel like you need more rest than what is recommended – that is fine, but just remember that if you’re feeling “good” not to overdo it and don’t return to your regular activities until your doctor advises that it is safe to do so. Post-op you will want to move slowly, take things “easy”, and don’t push past your limits. Listen to your body and give it the rest it needs. Some specific instructions you might receive include not going into the sun, bathing a certain way, drinking plenty of water/limiting alcohol, and eating healthy foods. Your doctor may prohibit certain activities or recommend various recovery garments to speed the healing process.


Post-Surgery Accessories

You might need compression gear or cold compresses to help reduce swelling after plastic surgery. There are also recommended supplements, like arnica, to help with inflammation and pain management. Wearing a compression garment or post-op recovery aid could be required to help speed the recovery process while keeping you as comfortable as possible, of course. This helps lessen the bruising, provide a uniform compression, and lessen discomfort during the healing process. ContourMD offers a wide range of post-op compression and recovery garments for each stage of recovery: Stage 1, immediately following the operation; Stage 2, the “middle” stage; and Stage 3, when you are almost fully recovered. Recommended garments and accessories will vary depending on the type of procedure you undergo.


Plastic Surgery Aftercare Overview

First and foremost, remember to listen to your doctors’ instructions with regards to plastic surgery aftercare. They are there to help you throughout the process by performing the surgery itself and also for post-op check-ins and to monitor your recovery. To ensure a speedy and uncomplicated recovery, follow your doctors’ instructions and ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable.

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