The Top 5 Lipo Foams to Help You Recover From Liposuction Treatment

What Is Lipo Foam?

Liposuction foam, or lipo foam, is a compression sheet made out of a medical-grade foam used to help with the post-operative recovery of liposuction operation.

Essentially, it provides even pressure over the recently suctioned area, resulting in a smoother healing process and better post-operative results. Accordingly, many surgeons include lipo foam in their liposuction recovery plan.

Now, believe it or not, lipo foam isn’t just suitable for abdominal liposuction, aka tummy tucks. It can also work for other liposuction procedures, be they for the chin, arms, legs, back, or even buttocks.

Benefits of Lipo Foam

Impressively, lipo foam can help with the healing process in various ways. As you may have already heard, most, if not all, liposuction patients have to wear a pressure (compression) garment after surgery. This is to facilitate the recovery process and help patients achieve their desired shape.

Unfortunately, though, pressure garments can crease and wrinkle if they’re not well-supported. They can also dig into the flesh, which, other than being pretty uncomfortable and even painful, can make healing take longer.

And that’s where lipo foam comes in and saves the day.

If you use lipo foam, you’ll be putting a barrier between you and the compression garment. Now, not only does this prevent the compression garments from digging into your skin, but it also prevents them from creasing as it acts as a supporting structure.

That being so, by using lipo foam, you’ll feel much more comfortable during your recovery process, which according to your procedure, can last anywhere from 3 days to 8 weeks. Moreover, you won’t form any puckers, dents, or wrinkles over your suctioned area, which means you don’t have to go in for revision surgery.

Uniform Pressure

This little piece of foam is able to provide uniform and even pressure on your skin, particularly over the suctioned area. This pressure eventually leads to decreased post-surgical bruising and bleeding. It also reduces the amount of swelling and ecchymosis that you’ll experience after surgery, making your recovery much faster and smoother.

Sure, walking, lymph drainage, and massages can also help to reduce edema and fluid retention. However, these actions are hard to perform when you’re fresh out of surgery. Moreover, you may have to inconvenience others to help you accomplish these tasks, and that’s where lipo foam comes on top.

Additionally, since lipo foam isolates your surgical wounds and absorbs any wound discharges or exudates, it can reduce the risk of post-operative infections and resultant scarring. Not only that, but lipo foam has a wonderful fat-dispersing and body-molding effect. It works by distributing your fat cells evenly, which eventually leads to an improved body shape and appearance.

All in all, lipo foam is a great asset to have during your recovery period. It’ll make an ordinarily painful and uncomfortable process much more manageable and pleasant. That’s why liposuction patients are always advised to wear them, especially during the immediate recovery period.

What Are the Best Lipo Foams Available Nowadays?

1. ContourMD Lipo Foam

These post-liposuction recovery compression sheets from ContourMD are truly top of the line. They feel extremely soft against your skin, and they don’t irritate it in any way.

Moreover, since they’re made of medical-grade polyurethane, they can add that much-needed compression, especially those few days after surgery.

And it’s not just that. This lipo foam is incredibly absorbent, meaning it’ll soak up any blood, exudates, pus, or any other fluids escaping from your wound site. Best of all, to all you people with sensitive noses, the ContourMD lipo foam is 100% odor-free.

Now, the ContourMD Lipo is about half an inch thick, and it comes in 8″ by 11″ rectangular pads. Accordingly, you can make them fit almost all body shapes, and they’re suitable for any area on your body, be it your abdomen, thighs, arms, or chin. Simply cut a sheet to fit the place you’ll be putting it, and you’re all set.


  • Made by recovery experts
  • Made in the USA
  • Large sheets, making them versatile
  • Odor-free
  • Extremely soft
  • Can be worn with any compression garment, recovery suit, bra, bandeaux, or belt


  • Slightly more expensive than other brands


2. Impresa Extra Thick Liposuction Foam Pads

If you’re looking for high-quality, the Impresa lipo foam will be a top contender. This foam is made in the USA according to medical-grade foam production standards (ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008). That being so, you know you’ll be getting a quality product with this brand.

Now, what’s really great about this foam is that its thickness is about 0.62″, which sets it apart from other lipo foams on the market. As you may well already know, the standard thickness of lipo foam is about 0.5″, which is usually sufficient to provide enough protection, compression, and support for most patients.

However, with this foam, the extra thickness makes it perfect for those patients who need an extra protective layer between their body and their compression garments. It can also apply more pressure to your body, leading to less wrinkling and creasing of the skin.


  • USA-made
  • Follows medical-grade foam production standards
  • Come in 8″ by 11″ sheets
  • Versatile and flexible
  • Extra thick, so much more comfortable


  • Unlike other lipo foams, it’s not dense enough to adequately support your compression garments


3. Bruizex LipoCurve Recovery Foam

This LipoCurve foam from Bruizex is another safe bet when it comes to post-liposuction foams.

Similar to other lipo foams, it hastens your recovery process and helps you achieve your desired body shape. However, the one thing that distinguishes this lipo foam from the others is that it’s washable.

With other lipo foam, once it gets dirty, you have to throw it out and use a new one. However, you can simply wash the LipoCurve foam and use it a number of times until it starts losing its shape.

Oh, and did you know that this foam has a non-stick surface that can prevent the attachment of skin debris and impurities? This means that you’ll be able to wear this sheet for a significantly longer time, and once it starts getting dirty, simply give it a wash, and you’ll be good to go.


  • Medical-grade foam that’s been clinically tested
  • Approved by board-certified surgeons in the USA and Latin America
  • Breathable material
  • Washable
  • Has a non-stick surface
  • Has optimal firmness for recovery and body molding
  • Relatively inexpensive


  • Can’t be washed in the washing machine; just spot cleaned


4. YesIndeed Liposuction Foam Pads

We greatly recommend the liposuction foam pads from YesIndeed. These lipo foams are on all fronts and perform just as a lipo foam should perform.

They’re very soft and flexible, which will make your recovery journey that much more comfortable and smoother. And since they come in large sheets measuring 8″ by 11″, they can be used for large body areas such as the tummy, buttocks, and back with no problem. Of course, if you’ve had liposuction in smaller body parts, you can trim the sheets till they properly fit their destination.

Now, this lipo foam comes in a pack of 3 for excellent value, especially when considering its quality. However, it’s not exactly the cheapest of the bunch. However, if you consider the price you’ll be paying as an investment in your body and health, it will stop bothering you.


  • Comes in good packing detailing how to use the product
  • Suitable for all body areas
  • Provides complete and even compression on the suctioned area
  • Compatible with all styles of compression garments


  • Hard to clean
  • Not very absorbent


5. Gepoetry Post-Surgical Compression Foam

Our last pick for the day is the Gepoetry compression foams. These foams are incredibly soft on the skin and can be adjusted to fit any body part.

Thankfully, the Gepoetry lipo foam isn’t expensive, especially when compared with other brands. Its only downfall is its quality corresponds to its price in terms of durability. At most, this lipo foam will last you 2-3 days, but after that, it’ll start losing its shape and structural integrity.

Accordingly, if your recovery period will be long, it’s best you use a more high-quality product. However, if you only need the lipo foam for a few days, then the Gepotry lipo foam will serve you well. And of course, since its price is relatively low, you can just buy some more if you find yourself in need.


  • Soft and flexible
  • Cheap
  • Improves and fastens the recovery process
  • Versatile and can be layered


  • Can be slightly irritating to people with sensitive skin
  • Doesn’t last very long
  • Inconsistent quality considering length, width, and thickness



Is It Necessary to Wear Lipo Foam After a Liposuction Procedure?

No, you don’t have to use lipo foam. Some surgeons don’t even include it in their patient’s recovery plan. However, it’s greatly recommended that you do use lipo foam.

When you compare healing with and without lipo foam, it’s quite obvious that lipo foam takes the cake. When you use this ingenious product, you’ll see much better results, appearance-wise. You’ll also have less bruising, swelling, blood loss, and ecchymosis, making your recovery period much shorter. This isn/t even mentioning the comfort and support it provides.


When Should You Wear Liposuction Foam?

It’s best you wear liposuction foam after any liposuction procedure, major or minor. So, whether you’ll be getting a tummy tuck, Brazilian butt lift, or chin lipo, lipo foams should take part in your healing process.

Of course, you should always consult your surgeons first and consider their recommendations. If they advise against using it, then you should follow their advice.


How Do You Use Lipo Foam?

Fortunately, using lipo foam is a piece of cake. All you have to do is trim the foam to fit your body, then insert it between your body and shapewear. Take care that it should go on top of your skin, as well as any bandages, paddings, and drains.

You can use a skin-safe adhesive spray to lock the foam in place, but this isn’t necessary in most cases. Still, you should note that your bras and underwear will go on top of the lipo foam sheet, not underneath it.

How Long Should You Use Lipo Foam?

The general rule is; you should use lipo foam for as long as your recovery process will be. So, the shorter your recovery period, the less you’ll have to wear your recovery foam, and vice versa.


Honestly, the duration will vary from patient to patient and from procedure to procedure. Typically, major surgeries like BBLs and tummy tucks take longer to heal, meaning you’ll be wearing lipo foams for weeks at a time.


That’s why it’s best to thoroughly discuss your post-operative care with your surgeon and how long you’ll need to use lipo foam. This is so that you can purchase as much lipo foam as needed from the start.


Can You Take a Shower While Wearing Your Lipo Foam?

If your surgeon instructed you never to remove your lipo foam until a certain period has passed, then you can shower with your lipo foam if it’s necessary. However, you have to dry the sheet very well after your shower by using a blow dryer on cool settings.

Otherwise, if you’re not required to wear your lipo foam 24 hours a day, then you should definitely remove your sheet before hopping in the shower. Then, once you’re all toweled-off and dry, insert a fresh new sheet and go about your day.


When Should You Throw Out a Lipo Foam Sheet?

You can use your lipo foam as long as it’s in good condition. This means that any tears, dents, warping, or broken surfaces will take your foam out of play. The same goes if you notice flattening of the foam or decreased pressure.

Now, how long it takes to degrade will mostly depend on the quality of your foam, so you should always try to buy from trusted manufacturers.


Can You Clean Lipo Foam?

Yes, you can spot clean your lipo foam when it gets dirty by using hydrogen peroxide. However, washing it is out of the question.

Once the foam soaks up all the water involved in washing, the foam will be damaged, and it’ll lose all its post-operative benefits. So, if your lipo foam is too dirty for simple spot cleaning, throw it out and use a new sheet.

It’s always useful to have a spare, and that’s precisely why we recommend buying 4 to 6 lipo foam sheets at a time.


Can Lipo Foam Cause a Skin Reaction?

If your lipo foam is high-quality, then it shouldn’t cause any skin reactions. However, substandard lipo foam may contain latex, which is a common allergen. The foams may also be bleached or soaked in non-skin-safe materials, which may cause skin irritation or rashes.


Final Words

Lipo foam is an invaluable recovery aid to any liposuction patient. This simple sheet of foam can drastically improve your surgical results, both aesthetically and medically.

Since it compresses the suctioned area evenly and uniformly, it helps to shape and mold this area. Moreover, this compression will decrease the amount of swelling, bruising, and ecchymosis, leading to a less painful and faster healing process.

And just when you think it can’t possibly get any better, well, it can. Lipo foam also prevents you from forming wrinkles, waviness, and dents in your skin, making the surgical site much smoother. And of course, it provides a lot of comfort by acting as a protective barrier between your skin and your compression garment.

Lipo foam should be used after any liposuction procedure if you want to make it easier on yourself.

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