Meet Our New Products!

Our New products are here! Our staff has been stitching up something new back in our warehouse and we are excited to finally reveal and launch this new line of garments!

Same Great Quality, New Amazing Features.  

You can expect the same American-made, high-quality post-op compression that has become synonymous with ContourMD, there are some new details we’ve added to our products to enhance the patient’s experience. 

Targeted Compression
Anti Microbial
Moisture wicking
Superior Stretch

Surgeon Designed & Recommended Medical-Grade Post-Op Compression Garments

ContourMD garments are trusted by numerous surgeons, physicians, medical professionals, and patients around the world, including our very own Medical Director, Dr. Stanley Okoro of Georgia Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. Our compression garments fit every defined curve and subtle contour of the body, allowing patients to recover in comfort & safety.


As our Medical Director, Dr. Stanley Okoro oversees the design of our compression garments. Having an expert plastic surgeon’s opinion on the fit, design, and amount of compression of our garments is essential to helping our patients achieve optimal post-op results, and recover in comfort and safety.  Each of our new products were all designed with the help and expertise of Board Certrified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Stanley Okoro. With the primary goal of helping paitients recovery in comfort and safety.

Dr. Stanley Okoro, ContourMD's Medical Director

Also Ideal for Everyday Use

Comfortable, supportive, and adjustable our medical grade, post-op compression garments are designed with your comfort in mind. These features ectend the garments’ lifetime past your recovery journey, and makes them ideal for every day use too! 

Wether you want to smooth & enhance your appearance for an upcoming special event, or just want to have a little extra support, you can count on our garments.

American-Made Medical-Grade Post-Op Compression Garments

All of Our medical grade compression garments are stitched by hand in our warehouse located in Lenexa, KS just outside of the Kansas City, Metro. 

Our staff is constantly sourcing the finiest quality materials made right here in America. 


Made in the USA

Hear What Our Customers are Saying

Care Instructions

To preserve the special qualities of your garment and its patented fabric, please follow these laundering instructions while washing only with like colors:

Variance Fabric Wash Liquid – 16oz BottleContourMD Post-Op Compression Garments

Hand wash gentle or delicate

We recommend washing your garment by hand whenever possible. If you must use a machine try setting it to gentle or delicate.

Use cool water

Avoid using warm or hot water, as these elements may cause your garment to shrink.

Air Dry

We recommend letting your garment air dry when possible. If you must use a dryer we recommend setting it to tumble dry on delicate/low heat.

Do not use fabric softener

Fabric softener can cause damage to your garment, please avoid using it to wash your garment.

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