What is a medical compression binder?

 Medical compression binders are garments worn underneath your normal clothing that keep your skin, muscles, and internal organs in place while you heal after surgery. There are many different styles of medical compression binders, but the most common are wide bands worn around the lower abdomen or specially designed bras that help keep the breasts in place after breast augmentation surgery.

Who uses a medical compression binder?

 Both men and women use medical compression binders. There are certain surgeries that leave the body vulnerable, such as breast augmentation, liposuction, and hysterectomy. After these surgeries, healing can be aided by a medical compression binder that keeps the body in the preferred position.

How does a medical compression binder work?

 After surgery, you want to give you body time to heal completely and properly. But it’s highly unlikely that you’ll spend a few weeks resting in bed. Even if you can spend a lot of time recuperating fully, if you had surgery that altered your internal organs or had liposuction, either as a tummy tuck or arm lift or lipo from your thighs and butt, the way your skin heals in it’s new form is going to be critical to the success of the surgery. You want to look great, which means tight and smooth skin and as little scarring as possible.

A medical compression binder holds your body in place exactly the way you want it to be. Medical compression arm sleeves will keep your new, thin arms held tightly while the skin heals. A medical compression binder around your waist will ensure that your internal organs stay where you want them to, and that the skin of your lower abdomen doesn’t sag or get strained by movement.

Medical compression binders also make people feel more comfortable and comforted, as the feeling of being held together can feel especially good after a surgery. They help you to stay aware and conscious of the area where you’ve had surgery, and that can keep you from overdoing it, even when you start to feel better.

Do doctors recommend medical compression binders? 

Some doctors strongly recommend that you use a medical compression binder after surgery, while others consider it to be optional. However, it often depends on the type of surgery and the doctor you are working with. Some doctors feel that the fact that you’re more cautious is a huge help and can ensure that you heal more quickly. For certain surgeries, you get the added benefit of better circulation, which also helps with healing, reducing pooling of fluids, and reduces the risk of infection.

Medical compression binders are designed to make you feel more comfortable and they can be helpful in the speedy recovery of patients after surgery. They are made so that they can be comfortably taken on and off, even when movement is limited, and they allow doctors to do post-operative examinations without a lot of difficulty.

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