Measuring Yourself For Shapewear


Measuring Yourself Accurately for Shapewear

Are you ready to embrace confidence and style with the perfect shapewear that fits like a second skin? One crucial step towards achieving that flawless fit is measuring yourself accurately for the garment. We understand that this process can be daunting, but fear not! We’re here to guide you through it and ensure your shapewear fits like a dream every time you wear it.

Getting accustomed to the snug feel of shapewear might take a little time, but rest assured, many individuals find it surprisingly comfortable and empowering. To achieve the best results, treating and measuring shapewear like tracking weight loss is a smart approach. We rely on the numbers on the tape measure to guarantee you an accurate fit.

Here are some expert tips to take accurate body measurements for your shapewear:

  1. Use the Right Tape Measure: Always opt for a cloth or flexible tailor’s tape measure, as it provides greater accuracy compared to metal ones. Even the tiniest fraction of an inch matters when it comes to the perfect fit.
  2. Measure in the Morning: For the most precise measurements, do it first thing in the morning. Throughout the day, your body tends to swell, and you want to capture the truest numbers for a proper fit.
  3. Measure Against Bare Skin: Clothing can interfere with measurements more than you might realize. To ensure accuracy, measure against your bare skin.
  4. Consider an Assistant: If you need help with measuring, wearing a form-fitting cami and briefs can make the process more comfortable and less awkward.
  5. Relax and Breathe Normally: Measure yourself when you’re at rest, avoiding flexing or sucking in. This ensures the measurements truly reflect your body’s natural shape.
  6. Use a Mirror: When measuring the hips and bust area, use a mirror to ensure you’re measuring in the right place, and the tape is straight.
  7. Write Down Your Measurements: Keeping track of your measurements each time will ensure consistent accuracy when shopping for shapewear.

Key Measurements for Yourself:

Now, let’s focus on the key body measurements you should always have on hand when browsing for shapewear: arms, chest, waist, hips, and legs.

Depending on the garment type, you may also need to measure other areas like calves, thighs, inseam, and arm circumference.

Remember, your weight may fluctuate over time, so it’s essential to double-check your measurements and shapewear needs before placing your order.

Where Can I Find ContourMD Measurements?

At ContourMD, we have been devoted to helping people recover in comfort since 1982. As a family-owned brand based in Lenexa, KS, we take pride in empowering you to look and feel fantastic.

Our compassionate approach to recovery extends to our clients and team members alike, and we’re excited to offer new products and make your customer experience a superb one!

Should you have any questions about sizing or finding your measurements, our dedicated team is just a phone call away. Let’s embark on this journey together, and soon you’ll be flaunting your confidence and grace with the perfect shapewear made just for you!

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