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One of the most common things to happen to anyone who has had surgery is the pooling of fluids in the area that was operated on. This is a perfectly normal and natural effect of surgery and it’s part of the way the body attempts to heal after surgery. However, after liposuction, the last thing you want is for fluids to pool in the area where the lipo was completed. Liposuction compression garments are the specially designed garments that help to reduce the swelling associated with surgery and help the body to return to normal as quickly as possible.

If the swelling is normal, does that make it good? And should you wear liposuction compression garments? The swelling has to do with the way the body attempts to fix the damage done during surgery. A lot of good stuff comes to the area, including fresh oxygen and nutrients. But a lot of waste products are also produced at the cellular level, and that’s what creates the back-up of fluids. Liposuction compression garments actually help the body to remove those fluids, so that you flush out the waste products more efficiently.

Is Compression Good?

If you’re planning for a liposuction operation, talk to your doctor about the types of liposuction compression garments that are available. Most likely your doctor will be able to suggest the right types of liposuction compression garments for you to wear post-surgery. You won’t be the first to ask and you certainly won’t be the only person to wear liposuction compression garments after having surgery.

What Should I Buy?

Liposuction compression garments are a great help for people who’ve recently undergone surgery. Make sure you find out when to start wearing your compression garments for the best recovery and effects.

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