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How Long Should I Wear a Mens Girdle?

How Long Should I Wear a Mens Girdle?

Most people associate the term ‘girdle’ with women, because in the past it was a piece of clothing that only women wore. But today, mens girdles are being used to help men recover from cosmetic surgeries, like tummy tucks. A mens girdle is actually a high tech compression garment that will hold the lower abdomen in place while a man recovers after surgery. As more and more men opt for abdominoplasty or liposuction in order to deal with extra weight around their middle, the need for mens girdles is also increasing.

How Long Should I Wear a Mens Girdle?

If you’ve recently had surgery and are wearing a mens girdle under the instructions of your doctor, you should really talk to your doctor about how long you’ll need to wear it. In some situations, you’ll know when it’s okay to stop using it, because you’ll be healed and looking and feeling good again. But for at least a few weeks you’ll need to wear your girdle so that the initial swelling and pooling of fluids is not allowed to happen.

The good news is that mens girdles are actually pretty comfortable. Especially for a man who is just recovering from surgery, it’s nice to have that additional support. Your middle will probably feel a bit delicate and you’ll be concerned about causing injury or pain. With a mens girdle you’ll be restricted a bit, so you won’t be as likely to hurt yourself by moving too much. And you’ll have the comforting feeling of control due to the supportive nature of mens girdles. Don’t take it off too soon, you can’t go wrong by wearing it for longer than necessary.

Will People Know?

Many men are concerned that it’ll be obvious that they’re wearing a mens girdle under their clothes. Fortunately, modern girdles are designed to be invisible under clothes. The materials are very thin and the look should actually be smoothing over your torso. People may comment on how thin or slim you look, but that’s what you want since you’re likely recovering from some kind of reductive surgery. If you play it right, you’ll just look great with that girdle on under your clothes!

Which Mens Girdle Should I Buy?

For the most part, mens compression clothing is designed based on physical needs after surgery. The important thing is that you buy actual medical compression wear and not something made cheaply from normal materials, like spandex. There are compression shirts and things made for people who want to work out in compression wear, but that stuff is different. You really need medical compression wear if you are going to get the benefits of a mens girdle.

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