Dr. Gary Horndeski

Gary Horndeski MD

Dear Dr. Horndeski patients and customers, welcome to ContourMD! We have partnered with Dr. Horndeski to be your go-to expert when it comes to compression garments & recovery products. We work directly with your surgeon to provide you with only the highest quality products to help you recover in comfort and safety.

What products should you order?

Stage 1 Compression Garments

If you have recently undergone cosmetic surgery, we recommend purchasing at least two stage-1 compression garments of your choice. You should wear your garment 24 hours a day, so it will be ideal to have an extra garment around while you hand wash and air dry the other garment.

Fabric Wash

Speaking of washing your compression garments, we highly recommend you pick up a bottle of variance fabric wash while purchasing your compression garments. This fabric wash sanitizes your garments while restoring their compressive abilities.


If you’ve recently undergone liposuction you should also consider purchasing a few sheets of lipo foam. Our-medical grade lipo foam will help you tremendously while recovering from liposuction. We typically recommend customers purchase 4-6 sheets to guarantee they have enough during their recovery period.

Booty Pillows

If you’ve had a Brazilian butt lift, you can’t miss out on our BBL pillows, these will help you sit comfortably while your butt heals from the recent cosmetic procedure.

Scar Treatments

Scare treatment products are also a must-buy! After your surgical site has healed, it can leave a nasty scar. That is why we carry a number of silicone scar sheets and gels & creams to help you minimize the appearance of your scars after your cosmetic surgery.

Stage 2 Garments

When you return for your Post-Op appointment we strongly suggest you bring with you a second stage garment. A second stage garment is usually smaller in size, due to the decrease in swelling, and is less bulky without the zippers. This garment continues to promote circulation and provide compression during the healing process.

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