Due to the unprecedented fame of body shaping surgeries like Brazilian Butt Lift procedures (BBL), you can now get the shape you want in a blink of an eye. However, for the results to stay intact, you should have a healthy recovery period. So how can you guarantee a successful BBL recovery? With a BBL recovery kit, of course!

But what should a BBL post-op recovery kit include? And how will each object inside improve the results of your surgery? Read on to get your answer!

BBL Recovery in a Nutshell

Your BBL recovery period is as important as the surgery because it can drastically affect the results. There are a few steps you must follow for a few weeks to maintain and improve your new body shape, and here’s a brief roundup of them:

  • Wear compression garments
  • Use BBL pillow
  • Eat healthily
  • Maintain an exercise routine
  • Use lumbar and abdominal BBL boards
  • Keep an eye out for infection signs

Using compression garments quickens recovery and decreases post-op discomfort. Doctors often recommend wearing them for six to eight weeks after the surgery. As for BBL pillows and boards, they enhance the results and give you an attractive, rounded shape. These three products are a staple in almost every BBL recovery kit.

Meanwhile, the rest of the steps are for your body’s overall health.

BBL Post-Op Recovery Kit

We all know how shopping before surgery can be hectic and stressful, and that’s why BBL recovery kits are knights in shining armor. Such kits include everything you need to use for months after the procedure.

Our recovery kit includes a BBL pillow, lumbar board, abdominal board, fabric wash liquid, recovery garments, and lipo foam sheets. Here’s a detailed description of each product and its benefits for your recovery.

BBL Compression Garment

1. BBL Recovery Garments

BBL recovery garments, also known as compression garments, are a must after anybody shaping surgery. They reduce swelling, improve blood circulation, prevent fluid retention, and maintain the procedure’s results. Most doctors advise wearing them during all BBL healing stages. However, it ultimately depends on your condition.

A BBL recovery garment can be a faja, binder, bodysuit, or belt. But fajas are the most famous when it comes to BBL surgeries.

BBL Brazillian Butt Lift Cushion PillowContourMD Post-Op Compression Garments

2. BBL Pillow

Your BBL pillow will be your best friend during the recovery period. As you know, the body shaping procedure involves transferring fats from one part of your body to another. Now, the newly transferred fat cells will take a while to settle and heal, during which you shouldn’t put any pressure on your buttocks. This is where a BBL pillow swoops in and saves the day.

It has a contoured design that puts pressure on the thighs instead of the buttocks. So, you can sit for as long as you want without worrying about your surgery results. As a bonus point, BBL pillows are lightweight and small, making it easy to take them everywhere.

Lipo Foam - Post-Liposuction Recovery Compression SheetsContourMD Post-Op Compression Garments

3. Lipo Foam Sheets

As you probably know, you’ll need to wear a BBL faja for a few weeks after your surgery. But while fajas are essential for enhancing results, they don’t do much for the areas where you removed fats. That’s where the importance of lipo foam sheets shows. They can reduce bruising and swelling if used correctly since they provide uniform pressure on your suctioned areas.

The best part about these lipo foam sheets is that you can wear them under your compression garments, whether a faja, belt, bodysuit, or other. They also come in different shapes and sizes to fit every woman.

Lumbar BoardContourMD Post-Op Compression Garments

4. Lumbar BBL Board

Fluid retention around your lower back is common after a BBL, but a lumbar board can significantly reduce it. It has an anatomical design that adheres to your back and doesn’t show underneath clothes, which means you can wear it anywhere without anyone noticing. It’s also suitable for wearing under your compression garments during the first few weeks of recovery.

Wearing it for a few weeks after the surgery will reduce swelling, keep your skin from wrinkling, and improve your posture.

5. Abdominal Recovery Board

An abdominal recovery board is like a lumbar board, but it’s meant for the abdomen. It aids in fast recovery and flattens your stomach, leaving no chance for fluid retention or bruising. You can wear it for the first couple of weeks under your compression garments, and when you take those off, you can keep it under your regular clothes for a while.

While lumbar and abdominal boards aren’t as crucial as compression garments, they quicken recovery and give you an overall more attractive body shape.

Variance Fabric Wash Liquid – 16oz BottleContourMD Post-Op Compression Garments

6. Fabric Wash Liquid

Since you’ll be using the above products nearly every day after your surgery, you’ll need a reliable fabric washing liquid on hand. Unfortunately, normal washing liquids can cause elastic materials to loosen, rendering them less beneficial. That’s why you should get a specific product for these fabric types.

Ideally, washing liquids for BBL garments should clean bodily fluids like blood, leave no smells behind, and cause no irritation to the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should You Start Using Your BBL Pillow After the Surgery?

You should start using your BBL pillow ten days to two weeks after the surgery, before which you shouldn’t sit or sleep on your back.

Should You Wear Compression Garments All Day After a BBL?

Yes, you should. Ideally, you should only remove compression garments while showering for the first two to four weeks of recovery. Afterward, you can take them off before sleeping. But you should address this with your doctor because it might differ according to your condition and surgery results.


During recovery from a BBL procedure, you’ll need to use many medical products to enhance your surgery results. Ideally, you should use a BBL pillow, lipo foam sheets, compression garments, lumbar board, and abdominal board.

Our BBL post-op recovery kit includes all these, plus a fabric wash liquid that doesn’t loosen elastic fabrics or cause skin irritation. So instead of buying each product on its own, you can get all of them in one package!

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