What is a Facial Compression Garment?

Comprehensive Face Compression Garments

Explore the zenith of post-operative care with our thoughtfully crafted facial compression garments. Meticulously designed by expert surgeons, our range guarantees unmatched support throughout your recovery journey.

Whether you’ve undergone a facelift or otoplasty or need post-surgical care for lymphedema, our garments ensure unparalleled comfort and optimal healing.

Targeted Compression Solutions: Head, Chin & Neck Post-Op Recovery

Enhance your recovery experience after facial cosmetic, reconstruction, or correction surgery with our specialized head, chin, neck, and ear compression garments.

Crafted with precision to elevate and support your recovery process, these garments play a pivotal role in ensuring successful outcomes for procedures ranging from chin implants and augmentations to neck lifts and ear correction surgery.

Medical-Grade Support for Jowl Liposuction, Cheekbone Surgery & Facelifts

Embark on a healing journey from the neck up with our masks and bands, meticulously tailored for a spectrum of surgeries. Highly recommended post jowl liposuction, neck lifts, facelifts, cheekbone surgeries, or chin implants, our face compression garments demonstrate effectiveness even in the treatment of burns.

Following otoplasty or pinnaplasty, our specialized head and ear bands provide unparalleled support for a smoother recovery.

Unveiling Product Excellence: Your Guide to Face Compression Garments

Reveal the indispensable role of facial compression garments in post-operative care. Expedite your recovery after facelifts, facial rejuvenation, otoplasty, neck lifts, chin liposuction, chin implants, chin augmentation, and cheekbone surgery.

Delve into the medical-grade features of our compression garments, delivering optimal pressure and support for healing, improved blood circulation, and prevention of fluid buildup. Integrate ContourMD compression garments into your recovery routine for external pressure in incision areas, a customizable fit for drainage tubes, and a comfortable recovery.

Experience the soothing effects on your skin, alleviate discomfort, and optimize your recovery process.

Embrace the benefits of our medical-grade face compression garments for superior results in your post-operative journey.

Why Do I Need a Facial Compression Garment?

Wearing a facial compression garment is an essential part on your road to a speedy recovery.

Explore the benefits of our medical-grade facial compression wear post-cosmetic procedures. Our garments actively accelerate healing, improve blood circulation, and prevent swelling by inhibiting fluid buildup. They secure a fit for facial areas in their contoured shape, minimizing sagging and side effects. Embrace their effectiveness for a smoother, faster recovery.

Besides the medical benefits of face compression, using a medical garment can assist in a more comfortable recovery. The perfect level of compression has a soothing effect on the skin, while easing your discomfort throughout the healing process. Overall, it is highly recommended to wear your facial compression garment, in order to accelerate the recovery process and time, and improve overall surgery results.


ContourMD® products are specifically tailored to minimize recovery time, while maximizing your results.


Improve Blood Circulation


Manage and Reduce Fluids


Optimize and Decrease Recovery Time


Less Pain and Discomfort During Healing Process


Reduce Swelling and Bruising


Shape and Contour Your Results

Common Facial Garment Procedures


Chin Augmentation


Nose Job


Eyelid Lift


Eyebrow Lift


Tooth/Mouth Surgery

Facial Compression Garment
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