Facelift Recovery Products

Resources and Information on Facelift Recovery Products

The best way to recover from a facelift is to ensure you take good care of yourself during the recovery process. Listen to your doctor’s advice, and use the best recovery products available to you to ensure optimal results. With ContourMD it is easy to recover in comfort from your facelift procedure. We provide only the best recovery garments on the market. We recommend a few compression products to help with your facelift recovery.

Stage 1

In stage one, you will be recommended to wear a facial compression wrap, chin and neck bandage, and chin strap. As soon as your facelift is over, compression garments should be worn at all times to ensure a speedy recovery. These garments ensure your circulation is moving throughout the area, reduce swelling and pooling, and provide comfortable support post-op. It also provides stability to your face and neck muscles so they heal in the ideal positions. The compression garment will also reduce the risk of infection and you should always wear it except when bathing. Stage 1 is 1-2 weeks post-op. Your surgeon will advise on the next steps during your post-op consultation.

Stage 2

In stage 2 you move to a neck and chin strap and chin support strap that is slightly less compressive. As you recover you’ll notice less swelling and less fluids in your facial tissues. The stage 2 garments are less bulky than stage 1. You’ll be able to resume daily activities. These garments are more comfortable and you should feel more recovered at this point. It’s important to continue wearing your compression garments to ensure optimal results and your surgeon will discuss your specific recovery plan directly with you. Stage 2 is usually 2-4 weeks but it may be more depending on your body’s natural ability to heal. You may wear your stage 2 garments for longer, depending on the advice of your surgeon. Remember that the full recovery process can take up to 6 months to see the full results.

Caring for your Facelift Recovery Garment

It is important to wash your recovery garment every 1-2 days. To ensure you’re wearing the garment as often as possible, it’s recommended to have 2 of each compression garment so that you can be wearing one while washing the other. Washing your garment is for both hygiene/to prevent infection and to prolong the lifespan of the garment. We recommend Variance Fabric Wash to care for your garments, as traditional laundry soap is not ideal for medical compression fabric.

Facelift Recovery Products Overview

Remember that everyone recovers from surgery differently, and no matter how simple your facelift procedure is, there will be some bruising and swelling after surgery. If your recovery products are worn correctly and for the recommended duration by your surgeon, your recovery should be seamless. It still may take several months to see the full results of your procedure… and you probably won’t see your face for several days after the procedure. Your doctor will have instructions for your specific recovery to ensure optimal results, but getting rest and taking care of yourself/taking it easy is arguably one of the most important parts of recovery. Using facelift recovery products (and keeping them in good condition) is the other important part of recovery. This is to improve your circulation, reduce swelling, drain excess fluids, and prevent infection.

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