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Living with Lymphedema and Lipedema

Here we can see Sarah on The Doctors show, who had a delayed diagnosis of lymphedema and lipedema.


She wants people to understand that lipedema and lymphedema (especially lipedema) is what causes excess weight and obesity. Here obesity isn’t from a poor lifestyle; it’s from a medical condition that she was born with. But even despite that, even if her obesity was from her lifestyle, that doesn’t mean that people affected by obesity shouldn’t be given dignity and care and respect. It shouldn’t impact the healthcare they receive and it shouldn’t impact how they work.


Even plastic surgeons who treat this condition are only now learning more about it and what’s the best way to treat it. Lipedema often goes hand to hand with lymphedema. It’s a problem with the lymphatic system the valves are just not properly draining the fluids, especially from the lower extremities from the legs and this is treated in a different way.


You can’t always tell it at first glance but it doesn’t make sense why you have all this excess weight in your arms in your legs and it doesn’t really match up to maybe your hands and other parts of your body.


It’s been 10 years since Sarah has been living with this and she has always wanted to speak out about it. Her insurance battle is huge and she’s working on her Masters in health fighting because of everything she’s learned through insurance.


Dr. Jay Grant Zale, plastic Surgeon and professor in UCLA, expert in lymphedema and lipedema has agreed to see her in consultation and discuss what options are available to Sarah.


ContourMD heard her story and wanted to help by providing over $3000 in garments to help improve her condition.

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